Series 1, Episode 1 - Flushed
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Steve and his best mate, Jeff, are heading for the wine bar where Steve has decided he is going to dump his longstanding girlfriend once and for all. Ever the amateur philosopher, Jeff tells him he’s “still in the ex zone”, which explains why he keeps being lured back with the promise of stockings. Meanwhile Susan and her best friend, Sally, are heading towards the same destination with equal determination. Is this the evening when ‘he’ is going to propose? But all is not as it seems. Steve’s date is Jane, dubbed “an unflushable” by Jeff. Despite his best endeavours to extricate himself, Steve finds he’s ensnared by the basest of male instincts. Meanwhile, Susan meets up with Patrick, with whom she has been enjoying “sex with a fringe of conversation”. He wants to cool things down a little. She never thought it was a proper relationship in the first place. But when it transpires they've both been unfaithful, it looks as if the fling is over. 

When Steve collides with Susan on his way from a cubicle in the Ladies to the condom machine, and asks her out “mid flow”, their lives, and those of their close friends and exes, are heading for a collision course…

Inspired by Steven Moffat’s relationship with his wife Sue Vertue, Coupling is a British sitcom produced by the BBC following the dating and sexual mishaps and successes of six thirtysomething best friends.