Series 2, Episode 4 -The Melty Man Cometh
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Broadcast 11:30pm, Tue 29 Jul
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The Coupling gang are back with a second series and it’s as funny as ever!


    Series 2, Episode 4 -The Melty Man Cometh
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    Sally is having a drink with a complete oaf called Brian. She spots Patrick with a bunch of business cronies and begs him to rescue her, which he does in true tripod style. Soon they are drinking to Code Red and wondering whether they should have got indelicate together. The next day, Sally decides they should do it - now, a one-time-only offer. He’s got the builders in, her flatmate’s at home with ‘flu; but she has the key to Susan’s flat and arranges to go round ‘to use the shower’.

    Soon Patrick is sitting hauntedly on Susan’s bed, appalled and frightened; total systems failure. As a shocked Patrick recounts the events to Steve and Jeff, a miserable Sally is desperate for Susan and Jane to reassure her that it can happen to anyone. Jeff promises Patrick that everyone, in their time, is visited by the terrifying spectre of erection failure. Can Patrick square up to the awesome power of The Melty Man?

    Inspired by Steven Moffat’s relationship with his wife Sue Vertue, Coupling is a British sitcom produced by the BBC following the dating and sexual mishaps and successes of six thirtysomething best friends.


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