Skate London

Downtown Showdown
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Europe’s biggest skateboarding event comes to London's Spitalfields Market.

Skate London introduces some of the most exciting and important London-based skateboarding companies like Lovenskate and Death Skateboards and shows how these companies have helped to shape the versatile London skate scene. Interviews with the people who started these skate companies and also with the skaters themselves will give the audience a unique insight into the London skate scene, and at the same time will introduce some of the best skateboarders that are riding the streets of London. The programmes will show why London still is the British skateboarding capital and how these companies have built a reputation that goes far beyond London and the British Isles.The Skate London series will be finished off with a programme on the Vans Downtown Showdown, Europe’s biggest skateboarding event, which celebrated European and British skateboarding with a one-off extravaganza at London’s Spitalfields market.