Glitter Force

Glitter Force // 2
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Glitter Force Glitter Force // 2

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Heidi Series 1, Heidi Episode 1 UP THE MOUNTAIN

Led by her Aunt Dete, Heidi arrives in the village of Dörfli to live with Uncle, her grandfather.

NEXT ON: 8:31am, Thu 21 Jun

Digimon Fusion Series 1, Digimon Fusion Episode 27 SWEET ZONE BAKE-OFF!

Team Fusion Heart works together in a bake-off against WaruMonzaemon to rescue the chefs of the Sweet Zone. Cutemon learns from the rescued pastry chef Digimon that his parents were among the captive Digimon.

NEXT ON: 6:31am, Thu 21 Jun

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Series 1, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Episode 39 Dream Battle

Captain Mutiny's sorceress, Hexuba, uses her magic to cause the Power Rangers to fall into a deep restless sleep.

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K3 K3 Ep2 Meeting George and Lucas

Mojave Desert. While heading to a concert, K3 get a flat tire and stop at a flying-saucer shaped diner. There, they meet George and his son Lucas, an 8 year old kid who's a big fan of K3.

Tashi Tashi // 2

In a brand new world where nothing seems familiar, how do you survive and thrive? Luckily for city slicker Jack, his new best friend Tashi is the perfect guide through this topsy-turvy world. He can also depend on the whimsical Lotus Blossom to help navigate them all through tricky situations!

F2 Kicks Off Episode 11

In this episode football freestyle pioneers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch team up with urban street magician Ryan Tricks and attempt one of their most dangerous challenges to date with a skydiver from 10,000 feet.

NEXT ON: 7:31am, Thu 21 Jun

Glitter Force Series 2 The Ghost Hunters

Kelsey takes the girls on a ghost hunt around the school, determined to prove that ghosts don't exist.

NEXT ON: 6:00am, Thu 21 Jun

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers // 27

Kimberly's day goes from bad to worse when the Samurai Fanman captures her.

Power Ranges: Lightspeed Rescue Series 1, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Series Episode11 From Deep in the Shadows

The mysterious Titanium Ranger attacks the Power Rangers.

NEXT ON: 7:00am, Thu 21 Jun