London Irish

London Irish // 6
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London Irish

Bronagh experiences what a nightmare families can be after a very long day with Conor and their Ma and Da attempting to experience all the excitement that London has to offer. (6/6)


Smack the Pony Series 3, Episode 3

The stylish, original and uninhibited Emmy award-winning sketch show starring Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips. Distinctly contemporary. Decidedly maverick.

NEXT ON: 3:30am, Tue 24 Jan

PhoneShop Phoneshop Series 2 // Revenge of the Razz

Christopher is offered a new job by headhunter Dean Bisk, while Ashley and Jerwayne are drafted into Razz Prince's Elite Selling Krew. Is this the end for PhoneShop Sutton?

Noel Fielding Luxury Comedy

Noel Fielding's psychedelic comedy series. Half-filmed, half-animated. Totally loop.


Drop the Dead Donkey

Gus and George interview possible replacements for Alex, who has been poached by another newsroom, and the office sweepstake goes into overdrive to nobble the front-runners.

NEXT ON: 1:00am, Wed 25 Jan


Black Books Series 3, Episode 6 - Party

It's Friday night. Manny and Fran are determined to go out and do something for once. Bernard would rather stay at home, get drunk and ignore his friends. Manny insists they go to a party. But why? And anyway, who is the best dancer?

NEXT ON: 1:50am, Sun 05 Feb

Desmond's // Series 5

Desmond's daughter is growing up too fast, while his eldest son is hardly growing up at all.

Trigger Happy TV Series 1, Episode 1

No one is safe when Dom Joly releases his twisted creations on an unsuspecting Britiain. Ian Botham has an unusual encounter with an emotional interviewer, and the dogs of war take to the streets.

NEXT ON: 2:45am, Thu 26 Jan

Absolute Power

A hugely lucrative deal is jeopardised when one of Charles' most successful clients is caught on CCTV camera beating up his girlfriend in the IKEA car park.


Alex Zane: Funny Rotten Scoundrels Series 1, Episode 8

The line up for the show are: Elis James, Julian Deane and Adam Hess.


All About The McKenzies Series 1, Episode 4

The Performing Arts club gets axed from school, Andre goes head to head with the head teacher to make a change. Meanwhile Charlene is off sick nurturing her talents.

An Audience with Lee Evans

A Lee Evans special recorded at the Duke of York's Theatre in London.

Bo' Selecta!

Aided by The Bear and rubber-masked celebrities, Avid Merrion hosts.

Bo' Selecta!

Avid Merrion provides a guided tour of his flat before introductions from Michael Jackson.

Bo' Selecta! // Series 2

To avoid confusion, be prepared to see two Craig Davids.

Charlie Hides

King of the celebrity viral video Charlie Hides in his hilarious TV show. Madonna, Cher, Britney and Justin Bieber pop by. No celebrities were harmed in the making of this show.

Coupling Series 2, Episode 2 - My Dinner in Hell

Susan has invited her parents for dinner - her parents who are in the habit of talking about sex as if it were a completely normal thing. Comedy with Sarah Alexander.

Desmond's Desmond's // Series 3 // Episode 11

The barbershop's finances are a bit shaky, so Michael offers to lend a hand. His efficiency causes a few problems, which are solved by a good old-fashioned story-telling session.

NEXT ON: 5:00pm, Wed 01 Feb

Desmond's // Series 6

Classic sitcom set in a Peckham barber shop, starring the late, great Norman Beaton. Desmond's was first shown on Channel 4 in 1989 and ran for six years.


Diary of a Badman Episode 1

Watch YouTube star Humza Arshad in a collection of hilarious moments from his web series. From chatting up girls to picking on a 12 year old, can Badman overcome life's obstacles?


Doubt On Loan

Doubt on Loan follows the trials and tribulations of staff at Shawcross Library & Interactive Centre, led by over-enthusiastic Mia, wise-cracking Nic and "on the spectrum" Eddie.

Drop the Dead Donkey // Series 4

There's grave news at Globelink after a sudden death. Gus goes into exercise overdrive to defer his own demise.

NEXT ON: 2:15am, Wed 01 Feb


Drop the Dead Donkey // Series 5 Drop the Dead Donkey // Episode 1

Gus and George interview possible replacements for Alex, who has been poached by another newsroom, and the office sweepstake goes into overdrive to nobble the front-runners.

NEXT ON: 1:30am, Wed 15 Feb

Drop The Dead Donkey // Series 6

Hilarious comedy about a British TV newsroom.

NEXT ON: 3:00am, Wed 15 Feb

Eric Idle: Comedy Greats

Settle back and enjoy the comedic brilliance of the mercurial Monty Python front man Eric Idle. Feating the best bits of Monty Python.


Grass Roots

Fresh new comedy which centres on downtrodden club manager Harry Pickles and reveals an honest and often grim portrayal of life in the lower tiers of English football.

Estate of Mind Estate of Mind

Estate Of Mind, set in gritty South London. DJ Bones falls from grace back into his mums council house. There's a new lodger in his room, and its not long before reality punches Bones clean in the face.

Love Soup

Green Widow. It is crunch time for Alice as she is forced to take stock of her finances. (S2, Ep 7)

NEXT ON: 9:00pm, Fri 27 Jan


Green Wing Series 1, Episode 6

It's a testing time all round as both Joanna and Harriet visit the path lab convinced they are pregnant, Martin sits his exams for the hundredth time, Mac surreptitiously attends an interview for a promotion, and Caroline is gradually made aware of the extent of her party misdemeanours.

NEXT ON: 4:00am, Tue 24 Jan

Meet Ricky Gervais Meet Ricky Gervais // Episode 4

Off-beat chat show hosted by Ricky Gervais. Showing a total lack of both fear and tact, Ricky asks celebrities the questions other interviewers probably wouldn't, and definitely shouldn't...

Peep Show Series 2, Episode 6 - Wedding

Jeremy and Nancy are getting married, for visa reasons. Mark, determined to save his friend, will do whatever it takes to stop them...


Sniggers With Attitude Sniggers With Attitude

Sniggers With Attitude is a brand new sketch show that aims to give out a dose of comedy, straight with no chaser!


Spaced Series 2, Episode 7 - Leaves

With Marsha gone and the house up for sale, Daisy and Tim hatch a plan to save themselves and their friends from oblivion. However, has Daisy had enough? And does Tim really care?

NEXT ON: 2:00am, Fri 03 Feb


The Dafty Show

A sketch show pilot described as a cross between The Fast Show and The League Of Gentlemen. The Dafty Show features edgy emerging online comedy duo Sheps & Caddy - aka Dafty - in their first long form show.

The New Statesman Series 1, Heil and Farewell

Alan uses the resurgence of Nazi sympathisers in Europe to make some money.

Vexed Series 2, Episode 6

Bright, sexy, funny police detectives Jack and Georgina get an insight into the world of romance and diamonds when they investigate a violent robbery at a family run jewellery store. Meanwhile Jack is unexpectedly asked to be best man at his brother’s wedding and Georgina enters the complicated world of internet dating.

Twenty Twelve Series 2, Episode 6

Having been shot in the foot with a doctored starting pistol, Head of Deliverance Ian Fletcher discovers that he's also shortly to be without a PA as current PA Daniel Stroud has been offered another job. "Inclusivity Day" in London on the same day that Seb Coe is launching "Diversity Day" in Oldham, when even though both Boris Johnson and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson have agreed to take part, no-one knows what Inclusivity Day is. Ian's foot may have gone septic.