The Route Masters

The Route Masters
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The Route Masters

Following the Transport for London staff and police officers who keep London's road system from freezing up entirely under the immense pressure of millions of commuters.

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The Story of London

Six special programmes, all presented by writer and historian Robin Bextor with experts guiding us through every tale, every twist and turn in The Story of London.

Inside the Tower of London

An intriguing look at one of England's most enduring historic places. Home to the royal mint, royal menagerie and the Beefeaters. Documentary exploring the Tower's 900 plus history. (4/4)

Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld

Presented by Bernard O'Mahoney, best-selling author and former member of the Essex Boys, Britain's most infamous and influential gangsters are interviewed for the first time. (S1, ep 6)

Ozwald Boateng: A Man's Story

UK Premiere. A groundbreaking film that takes us on an exhilarating behind-the-scenes ride into the world of high fashion with one of one of the most influential menswear designers of his generation.

Britain's Underworld

Behind the bright lights and bustling streets, Britain's cities are also home to some of the country's biggest criminals. Documentary lifting the lid on the Britain's crime lords.

Norman Wisdom Live

With his undiminished ability to delight and enchant audiences, Sir Norman displays the full range of his talents in this great live stage performance.

The Road to Martyrdom

Road to Martyrdom traces the transformation of one young Englishman from seemingly average guy with a positive reputation to his role as one of the first Western suicide bombers.

William & Kate: The Journey

Discover Prince William & Kate Middleton's unique story as we take you back through the couples early years, all the way up to the engagement.

Frankie Fraser's Last Stand

In this revelatory one-off, we discover the truth about the man behind the legend that is ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser.

The Krays: Myth Behind the Legend

New: Discover the truth about two of the most glamorous but brutal London gangsters of the 1950s and 60s, told by the people who knew them.

Respectable: Mary Millington Story

Documentary chronicling the extraordinary life and tragic death of Mary Millington - Britain's most famous pornographic actress of the 1970s.

Gay Muslims

An exploration of how many gay and lesbian Muslims attempt to integrate their religion with their sexuality.

The Acid Bath Murderer

John George Haigh was commonly known as the 'Acid Bath Murderer' during the 1940s. He was convicted of the murders of six people, although he claimed to have killed nine.

BFI London: Grove Carnival BFI London: Grove Carnival

As London gears up for another instalment of Notting Hill Carnival, the BFI have shared captivating archive footage of the event from 1980.

100 Men Own My Breasts

Follow the lives of women who have become members of a website that pairs them with men who will help pay for their breast augmentations through online, micro donations.

A Cycling Revolution

Rachel Mullins is on a journey to discover what is being done to make cycling safer on London's roads. Join her as she meets with politicians & road safety campaigners.

A Dad is Born

If there is one day on which a boy turns into a man, it is the day he becomes a dad himself. Award-winning filmmaker Kira Phillips follows three men in the weeks before and after this day.

A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities

Dan Cruickshank follows in the footsteps of John Stow and John Strype, two of London's greatest chroniclers, to explore one of the most dramatic centuries in the history of London.

A Very British Gangster

A documentary about one of Britain's most dangerous crime families and their magnetic, larger-than-life leader, Dominic Noonan (aka Lattlay Fottfoy).

A Very London Type A Very London Type

Documentary on London Live.

A War to Remember

A look back at one of the most horrific wars in Modern History.

A War to Remember

A look back at one of the most horrific wars in Modern History.

Against All Odds

Interviews of the real men involved in extraordinary military conflict situations

Alex Reid: Beyond the Cage Alex Reid: Beyond the Cage

UK Premiere: With exclusive behind the scenes access to the world of MMA, this doc follows fighters Alex Reid & Tony Giles. A unique take on masculinity, male violence & pride.

Amy Winehouse Foundation: Amy’s Yard Amy Winehouse Foundation: Amy’s Yard

London Live follows students on the Amy's Yard programme.

Angry Britain Series 1, Episode 2

Dr Jekyll unlocked the demon Mr Hyde by drinking a magic potion. In this episode, we meet people who unlock their anger in different ways.

Back From The Dead: The John Darwin Story Back From The Dead: The John Darwin Story

The remarkable story of a British prison officer who faked his own death.

Battle of Britain Battle of Britain // Episode 2

The resilient RAF fought and won a battle which changed the course of history. The greatest air battle of all time - The Battle of Britain.


Satirised for centuries as a 'human zoo' & for 100 years, one of London's leading tourist attractions, Bedlam mental institution came to stand for the very idea of madness itself.

Blitz on London Blitz on London

The appearance of German bombers in the skies over London during the afternoon of September 7, 1940 heralded a tactical shift in Hitler's attempt to subdue Great Britain and destroy London.

Booze Britain

Booze Britain has travelled the country seeing the nation's addiction to alcohol. Tonight, London, where almost one in ten of the country's pubs and clubs are located.

Born to be different Born to be different // 2

A candid portrait of the pressures and joys of bringing up a disabled child, this series reveals the bittersweet challenges faced by families as they raise their children.

Born to be King Born to be King

A documentary to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's newborn son. Sophie Raworth charts how a royal birth is an historic event and a glimpse into the future.

Britain Stands Alone

After most of Europe capitulates, England faces a German invasion. Documentary about World War II.

Britain's Royal Weddings Britain's Royal Weddings Episode 2

The intimate story of Britain's royal weddings, starting with the wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, told from the point of view of people who were there.

By Royal Appointment Episode 6

Hannah Scott-Joynt explores Westminster Abbey's unique relationship with the monarchy as a 'royal peculiar' owing allegiance to no institution other than the monarchy.

Changing Gears

Five young Londoners cycle from London to Brighton. Each from different backgrounds, the film looks at the transformative potential of the bicycle in bringing people together.

Charles & Diana - The First Decade Charles & Diana - The First Decade

A compelling review of Charles and Diana's first decade, from the initial media onslaught during their engagement to their wedding, the birth of their two children and later strains in their marriage.

Children's Emergency Children's Emergency // Episode 6

CATS rushes to deliver a baby with a blocked intestine to theatre for an urgent operation.

Comedy Greats: Peter & Dudley

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore created a new style of comedy which has proved the inspiration for subsequent generations of performers. This documentary celebrates a unique comic partnership.

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Concrete Circus Concrete Circus

Documentary. Five of the worlds' best street sport talents come together including urban trial-rider Danny MacAskill, Kilian Martin, Blue, and BMX flatlander Keelan Phillips.

Confessions from the Underground

A rare glimpse into the parts of the Tube network that passengers don't see, revealing the dilemmas and pressures the staff must reconcile to keep this complex and strained system running.

Confessions from the Underground

A rare glimpse into the parts of the Tube network that passengers don't see, revealing the dilemmas and pressures the staff must reconcile to keep this complex and strained system running.

Conjoined Twins: Faith & Hope

Eighteen year old Laura Williams recently became the youngest British woman ever to give birth to conjoined twins.This documentary follows the heartbreaking story as it unfolds.

Crime Invasion Series 1, Episode 8

Documentary series investigating the new wave of criminal masterminds invading Britain.

Danny Dyer: Nothing to Something

This episode features Danny Dyer in an up close and personal interview on his life, career and journey on how he made it from Nothing to Something.

Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men // 2

Series following actor Danny Dyer as he meets some of the most feared men in the United Kingdom

Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men // 1

Danny meets Stephen French - a one-time Liverpool ganster nicknamed the Devil, who became one of the country's leading underworld operators before turning his back on life as a drug baron.

David Starkey's Music & Monarchy Series 1, David Starkey's Music & Monarchy Episode 4 Reinventions

Dr David Starkey's exploration of how the monarchy shaped Britain's music concludes with the 19th and 20th centuries, when the crown rediscovered the power of pageantry and ceremony and when native music experienced a renaissance.

Don't Drop the Coffin Series 1, Episode 6

Documentary series delving behind the closeted world of the undertaker, focusing on south London funeral directors FA Albin and Sons.

Double Decker Driving School

The recruits continue on their six-week course at one of London's double decker driving schools. Michelle has quit her 25-year career in order to pursue her dream of becoming a bus driver. (5/6)

Emergency in the Womb

Following the life and death stories of critically ill babies undergoing radical surgery in the womb.

Endless Corridor

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, this award winning film documents the heart-rending human rights tragedy in 1992 when hundreds of Azerbaijanis were massacred in the city of Khojaly.

Face Facts: The Truth About Botox Face Facts: The Truth About Botox

Presenter Kirsten O'Brien explores the world of Botox and dermal fillers, and with cosmetic injections growing more widespread, she investigates the risks associated with their use.

Fashanu's Football Challenge Fashanu's Football Challenge

Follow ex-professional footballer John Fashanu as he goes back to the grassroots of Football to manage an amateur Sunday league team.

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Fifty Shades Uncovered Fifty Shades Uncovered

UK Premiere. The bestselling adult novel of all time by E.L. James is now a global book, film and fan phenomenon. This new documentary explores the twilight zone of submissive romance.

Forced Marriage Cops Forced Marriage Cops

With unprecedented access to the Manchester Police Force, this documentary investigates the biggest cases of forced marriage in the UK.

Funeral Directors Funeral Directors ep 3

A revealing look at funeral directors as they help people say the last goodbye. In this first episode, a terminally ill mother of two chooses to plan and arrange her own funeral.

Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld

Presented by Bernard O'Mahoney, best-selling true crime author & former member of the Essex Boys Firm, Britain's most infamous & influential faces are interviewed for the first time.

Gareth Malone Goes to Glyndebourne Gareth Malone Goes to Glyndebourne // 3

Choirmaster Gareth Malone is given the task of finding fifty teenagers to sing on the main stage of one of the world's most prestigious opera houses, Glyndebourne.

Gareth Malone's Extraordinary...

... School for Boys: Gareth Malone joins the staff at Pear Tree Mead Primary School in Essex. His mission is to re-engage boys who don't like school and lag behind their female peers. (3/3)

Great Estate: The Rise and Fall... Great Estate: The Rise and Fall...

A hard-hitting documentary about one of Britain's social revolutions.

Gunpowder Plotters... Gunpowder Plotters...

... In Their Own Words. The inner secrets of the plotters are dramatised using the actual words of their most senior captured leader Thomas Wintour, Guy Fawkes and state interrogators.

Gunpowder Plotters... Gunpowder Plotters...

... In Their Own Words. The inner secrets of the plotters are dramatised using the actual words of their most senior captured leader Thomas Wintour, Guy Fawkes and state interrogators.

Haunted London

Eyewitness accounts and dramatic reconstructions tell the spine-chilling stories that have helped earn London its reputation as the world's most haunted capital.

Horizon: Curing Alzheimer's Horizon: Curing Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is the fastest growing disease in the world’s ageing population but the search for a cure has finally taken a revolutionary step forward. We take a look at the promising work on all fronts

Horizon: Don't Worry Be Happy Horizon: Don't Worry Be Happy

Michael Mosley goes on a personal quest to find out what defines our personalities and behaviour and asks can we change who we are for the better?

Horizon: Is Binge Drinking That Bad? Horizon: Is Binge Drinking That Bad?

Doctors and genetically identical twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken investigate the latest science and put their own bodies to the test to see how alcohol really affects us.

Horizon: Living With Autism Horizon: Living With Autism

Imagine being able to remember what you ate for dinner on 9 March 2002. Horizon discovers how brains that see the world in strikingly different ways are unlocking the secrets of our own minds.

Horizon: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Horizon: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

An emotional insight into the debilitating disorder. We find out what triggers it, how it can be stopped and meet the scientists whose cutting-edge research is giving sufferers hope.

Horizon: Sugar Vs Fat Horizon: Sugar Vs Fat

What’s worst for you; fat or sugar? Twin doctors Chris and Xand Van Tullekan experiment on their own bodies - with one on a low fat diet and one on a low sugar diet. What will it do to their bodies?

Horizon: Why Are We Getting So Fat? Horizon: Why Are We Getting So Fat?

Over 60% of adults in the UK are currently classed as overweight or obese, and this figure is set to rise. Is it really as simple as eating less and exercising more? Dr Giles Yeo finds out.

How London Was Built Episode 1

Adam Hart-Davis takes us on a guided tour of London's most important structures. Revealing the history & the extraordinary engineering behind some of the city's greatest landmarks.

How Safe Are My Drugs How Safe Are My Drugs

More and more people are taking illicit drugs each month; we’ve never had more choice or had easier access to them. But how many people have any idea what they’re taking?

I Sleep With Strangers

This entertaining film seeks out the wild, amorous people who think nothing of doing what some only dream of: having sexual encounters with complete strangers...

Ian Fleming: Bondmaker Ian Fleming: Bondmaker

Ian Fleming: Bondmaker tells the extraordinary true life story of Ian Fleming; the creator of James Bond, one of the great icons of 20th century culture. Starring Ben Daniels.

In Search of Pippa Middleton In Search of Pippa Middleton

The story of Kate Middleton's sister, who at the Royal Wedding entered Westminster Abbey as a bridesmaid and emerged a global phenomenon.

Inside Incredible Athletes

State-of-the-art scientific testing and stunning cinematography reveal the inside story of how the Paralympic elite achieve sporting excellence.

Inside MI5: The Real Spooks

MI5, an organisation so secret that for decades, it didn't officially exist. Television fiction has glamorised the work of the organisation for years, but this documentary reveals the real story.

Inside My Mind Inside My Mind

Using computer graphics to travel inside the body, this film explores the science behind mental illness, discovering the social, biological and psychological changes that happen inside our mind.

John Christie: 10 Rillington Place

The extraordinary tale of deceitful compulsive liar John Christie, who murdered six women and stored them in his home in Rillington Place between 1943-53.

Jubilee Jubilee

Jubilee is a 1978 cult film directed by Derek Jarman. It stars Jenny Runacre, Ian Charleson and a host of punk rockers, including Adam Ant and Toyah.

King George VI: The Man Behind... King George VI: The Man Behind ... //0

... The King's Speech. The true story of the man who never wished to be King of England and how he overcame his personal limitations to save a nation.

Last Whites of the East End Last Whites of the East End

Newham now has the lowest white British population of anywhere in the UK. This thoughtful, reflective film uncovers what it really feels like for this community to have society change around them.

Last Whites of the East End Last Whites of the East End

Newham now has the lowest white British population of anywhere in the UK. This thoughtful, reflective film uncovers what it really feels like for this community to have society change around them.

Lest We Forget Lest We Forget

Presented by Hollywood actor, the late Donald Pleasance, this film pays tribute to all those young men and women of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Liberty of London Liberty of London // 4

The staff gear up to the massive Christmas season, with preparations starting in July. This episode also peeks into the VIP world of Liberty's personal shoppers and private suites. (S2, ep 4)

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story Episode 1

Elizabeth Taylor's rise to stardom. Part 1 of 2.

NEXT ON: 1:00pm, Tue 27 Feb

London Bridge Series 1, Episode 26

Set in & around a restaurant & flats in a converted Thames-side mill house, the intertwining stories of the building's inhabitants captures the flow of life in the capital.

London's Hollywood Episode 2

London's Hollywood delves into the everyday workings of the Shepperton and Pinewood Studios, the powerhouse at the heart of the European film industry.

Lost Orphan

Natalie Pinkham takes an emotional journey to the Romanian orphanage where she worked one summer, in search of a three-year-old orphan called Mirela who stole her heart. Part 1 of 2.

Love For Sale with Rupert Everett Love For Sale with Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett meets men who pay for sex, from self-confessed sex addicts to a happily married man. He also speaks to Russell Brand about his experiences.

Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady

From her humble beginnings as a Grocer's daughter from Grantham, Margaret Thatcher fought her way through the murky world of politics, the sexist prejudices of the Conservative Party elite and the scepticism of the British electorate.

Medic One

Highly-charged documentary following London's elite trauma team, Medic One. The team are deployed by helicopter and high-performance cars to major accidents across the capital.

Meet Britain's Tiger Mums

In terms of academic achievement, British Chinese children are the most successful ethnic group in this country, and behind each success story you will usually find a formidable Tiger Mother.

Men of the Thames Men of the Thames

On London's iconic river, boats are handled by a closed community of Watermen and Lightermen - men whose families have worked the Thames for centuries and whose traditions are under threat.

Mind the Gap Mind the Gap

The story about the widow of Oswald Laurence (the voice of the “Mind the Gap” announcements who used to visit the tube just to hear his voice after he died.

Murder Casebook: Babes in the Wood

For 26 years, the public believed that two children found dead in Epping Forest in 1970 had died of exposure. Then in 1996, child murderer, Ronald Jebson shared some information...

Murder Casebook: Patrick Mackay

The extraordinary tale of serial killer Patrick Mackay, who savagely murdered more than three people in cold blood.

My Brother The Terrorist My Brother The Terrorist

Award-winning filmmaker Robb Leech attempts to discover what changed his stepbrother Rich and wants to know what, if anything, could have kept him from conversion to radical Islam.

My Street My Street

Sue Bourne had lived in her street for fifteen years yet she knew practically none of her neighbours. She began knocking on doors and meeting her neighbours, this is the story of what she found.

My Street My Street

Sue Bourne had lived in her street for fifteen years yet she knew practically none of her neighbours. She began knocking on doors and meeting her neighbours, this is the story of what she found.

NHS - £2 Billion a Week... NHS: 2 Billion Pound a Week & Counting // 4

It is harder than ever for the NHS to decide how to allocate funds. Should the NHS spend more on cancer drugs than for other conditions? And should cannabis spray be available on the NHS?

Niall Horan: Inside Out

Niall Horan first rose to fame in 2010 when he auditioned as a solo artist on X Factor. Here is his inside story.

No Greater Love No Greater Love

Unprecedented behind-the-scenes access of a Carmelite nunnery.

One Direction: Ruling the World

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson, five names synonymous with global superstardom, this is the amazing story of One Direction.

Panorama: Inside Europe's Terror Attacks Panorama: Inside Europe's Terror Attacks

Panorama reveals how the so-called Islamic State's terror network has been operating secretly in Europe, and looks at Western intelligence agencies' battle to stop it.

Queen Victoria's Children Queen Victoria's Children // 2

This episode concentrates on Victoria's relationship with her daughters. It looks at how, after Albert's death, Victoria clung to and bullied them and arranged their marriages. (2/3)

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Return of the Black Death Return of the Black Death

Bubonic plague is still around today, but kills in small numbers. Why did it kill so many people in 1348? The discovery of 25 medieval skeletons in London provides new answers.

Richmond Park: National Nature Reserve Richmond Park: National Nature Reserve

Documentary starring national treasure David Attenborough.

Royal Britain

Hannah Scott-Joynt explores Westminster Abbey's unique relationship with the monarchy as a 'royal peculiar' owing allegiance to no institution other than the monarchy.

Secrets of the Royal Nursery Secrets of the Royal Nursery

From birthing plans, name choice, godparents and christening, a candid look at the expectations of the Royal heir and predictions on how they are going to grow up in the eyes of the media.


Corporate interests rather than patient care is driving change in the NHS. Filmmaker Peter Bach explores this often unexplored reality with doctors, consultants & whistleblowers.

Shakespeare Uncovered Shakespeare Uncovered // 1

Joely Richardson investigates the legacy of the two great comedies Twelfth Night and As You Like It and the great comic heroines created by Shakespeare in those hugely popular plays. (1/6)

Shakespeare: The King's Man Shakespeare: The King's Man // 1

When Elizabeth I died without an heir, the English throne passed to James I, a foreigner with Catholic sympathies. Shakespeare responded with plays about regime change and political tensions. (1/3)

Snow Leopards of Leafy London Snow Leopards of Leafy London // Episode 1

'Snow Leopards of Leafy London' is an observational documentary series that captures intimate never-seen-before footage of snow leopards. Presented by wildlife filmmaker Adrian Cale.

Supercars: Millionaire Boy Racers Supercars: Millionaire Boy Racers

London is becoming the top summer destination for super-rich Arab tourists and their supercars, but many Knightsbridge and Chelsea residents are now complaining of sleepless nights...

The A6 Murderer

One of the last people in the UK to be executed for murder. James Hanratty was hanged at Bedford Gaol on 4 April 1962, after being convicted of the A6 murder.

The Big Red Bus Series 1, Episode 1

Bus driver Terry Liburd is a feisty woman at the best of times and today’s no exception. It’s fallen to her to drive the number 35 bus route, one of London’s fiercest.

The Bridges That Built London The Bridges That Built London

Dan Cruickshank explores the mysteries and secrets of the bridges that have made London what it is. He uncovers stories of Bronze-Age relics emerging from the Vauxhall shore, of why London Bridge was falling down, of midnight corpses splashing beneath Waterloo Bridge, and above all, of the sublime ambition of London's bridge builders themselves.

The British Property Boom The British Property Boom

Investigating the consequences of rapid house price rises, for buyers and sellers, and asking how the property boom will change the face of our towns and cities

The Choir The Choir // 4

London Symphony Orchestra choirmaster Gareth Malone attempts to start a school choir from scratch and, in only nine months, make them capable of competing at the World Choir Games in China. (4/4)

The Choir: Boys Don't Sing The Choir: Boys Don't Sing // 4

Gareth Malone goes to an all-boys school with a mission to found a school choir that will perform at the Royal Albert Hall and finally dispel the myth that "boys don't sing". (4/5)

The Choir: Military Wives The Choir: Military Wives // 3

While the men are away, Gareth Malone believes singing will help the women through a difficult time of separation; but the emotional torment proves difficult for the inspirational choirmaster. (3/4)

The Choir: Unsung Town The Choir: Unsung Town // 5

Gareth Malone look's back at the series of 'Unsung Town' and re-vists the town in South Oxhey.

The End: Confessions of a Cockney Gangster

Nicola Collins explores the fascinating complexity of the lives of her father and his friends: infamous criminals that shaped their war-torn environment into a violent underworld.

The Fried Chicken Shop Series 1, Episode 4

An intriguing insight into contemporary London life through the window of a busy chicken shop. Anyone can come, anything can happen and where, most of the time, anything goes.

The Gatwick Baby Gatwick Baby

... Abandoned at Birth. Steven Hydes was abandoned at Gatwick Airport when he was just 10 days old. 24 years later he embarks on a journey to discover where he comes from.

The Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad is an unofficial top secret Internal Affairs unit that recruits former police officers & sends them undercover to investigate and root out corruption within the police.

The Ghosts of Mary Rose The Ghosts of Mary Rose

Ghosts of the Mary Rose uses the latest forensic techniques to investigate one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in British history: the identity of the crew of the Mary Rose

The Great Plague

Documentary examining the Great Plague of 1665, one of the darkest moments in Britain's history, when over one-fifth of London's population of 500,000 perished in a matter of months.

The Guinea Pig Club

Documentary about the Guinea Pig Club, established in 1941, a social club and mutual support network for British and allied aircrew injured during World War II.

The Gunpowder Plot The Gunpowder Plot

London, 1605. Just two years into the reign of King James I a group of young disaffected Catholics become so desperate that they feel their only route to change is to rid themselves of parliament.

The History of Brick Lane The History of Brick Lane // 0

... Salt Beef and Rye. UK Premiere. Over the period of a year a camera crew filmed and interviewed people who visit the world famous Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

The Krays

This documentary tells the story of the Krays through a series of shocking interviews with key gangsters from the time.

The Monster Butler

Archibald Hall, known as the Monster Butler, had a lust for a luxurious lifestyle which turned him from a conman into a callous murderer.

The Night Bus

Observational series witnessing the funny, surprising and sometimes moving events and interactions between passengers after dark on a night bus.

The Notorious Kray Twins

Charting the remarkable rise and ultimate demise of the notorious Kray twins, this documentary is a fascination insight into London's gangland mobsters of the 50s and 60s.

The Olympic Side of London

The Olympic Side of London is a critical portrait of East London in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Princess and the... The Princess and the...

... Gangster. A gripping look into the relationship between Princess Margaret's and notorious London criminal, John Bindon.

The Real White Queen & Her Rivals The Real White Queen & Her Rivals // 2

Philippa Gregory reveals the true stories of three remarkable women who lived through the treason and bloodshed of the dynastic conflict we call the Wars of the Roses.

The Roots of Monty Python

A look back at the origins of the ground breaking BBC comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus.

The Royal Good Guys The Royal Good Guys

Take a look at the charity work of the four princes Philip, Charles, William and Harry. Through their charities, they are transforming the British Royal Family into a modern global brand.

The Royals

From corgis to monkeys and horses to pigeons, this episode looks at the extraordinary relationship between British Royals and their animals.

The Royals

Review the incredible history of Royal Weddings and explore what each historic union meant to the nation as well as, of course, the happy couple.

The Search for Sherlock Holmes

The Search for Sherlock Holmes follows Hayman on a fascinating and personal journey to reveal the heart of one of the world's most significant and loved literary figures.

The Secret History of Our Streets The Secret History of Our Streets // 6

The sixth episode features Arnold Circus in the East End and the story of a Victorian social experiment that changed Britain - the home of the first council estate which opened in 1896. (6/6)

The Secret Life of Cleaners The Secret Life of Cleaners

What do the contents of our homes and our interactions with a workforce paid to clean up after us reveal about us? We tell the story of an invisible class struggling to earn a living in the UK.

The Secret Photos of the Duke... The Secret Photos of the Duke..// 0

... And Duchess of Windsor. The intimate love story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson as never seen before, a love story which has always been considered one of history's most romantic.

The Stuarts The Stuarts // 3

The final, dramatic act of the Stuart century saw the Stuarts fatally divided by religion: brother versus brother, and two daughters supporting the overthrow of their father. (3/3)

The Stuarts The Stuarts // 0

Presented by Dr Clare Jackson of Cambridge University, this new three-part series argues that the Stuarts, more than any other, were Britain's defining royal family.

The Super Rich and Us The Super Rich and Us

The UK has more billionaires per head than any other country on earth yet is also the most unequal nation in Europe. We're told the super-rich will make us richer too - why hasn't that happened?

The Teacup Poisoner

An English serial killer who used poison to kill his victims. He was sent to Broadmoor Hospital in 1962 after poisoning several members of his family.

The Tower Episode 4

A behind the wall look at the Tower of London, its most famous prisoners, its use as a treasure house, the Tower at war & parts of the Tower no longer standing.

The Truth About Dementia The Truth About Dementia

Angela Rippon investigates the disease that took her mother's life and is now starting to affect her friends. She discovers some of the surprising ways people can help to protect themselves.

The Truth About Healthy Eating The Truth About Healthy Eating

Fiona Phillips presents. The promise of improving health is the ultimate marketing ploy. But does the science behind this multi-million-pound business really back up the claims?

The Truth About Meat The Truth About Meat

Every week brings a new headline about the dangers of meat, but is there any truth to these juicy meat-based headlines? Leading industry experts dispel some everyday myths about meat.

The Very Best of Kenneth Williams

Everyone knows the call of 'Oh Matron' from the Carry On films, but the amazing career of Kenneth Williams is so much more than a catchphrase. Stars relive the genius that was Kenneth Williams.

NEXT ON: 3:25am, Thu 01 Mar

The Very Best of Leonard Rossiter

Perhaps best known for his role of Rigsby in Rising Damp, Leonard Rossiter is a true comic acting hero. Appearing in film and TV roles he made cynicism and lechery a comedy art form.

The Very Best of Ronnie Barker

Ronnie Barker, the comedian who took on so many charaters is presented in all its glory, with commentary from experts including Ronnie Corbett.

The Very Best of Sid James

His many performances on film and TV have made Sid James an instantly recognisable feature of British comedy.

The Welsh Child Killer

Fifteen year old killer Harold Jones brutally murdered two young girls in 1921 giving the reasons for the murders as a 'desire to kill'.

Their Finest Hour Their Finest Hour

The courageous Royal Air Force against overwhelming odds halt Hitler's Operation Sealion followed by the nightly Blitz on Britain's ports and cities.

This Month in London This Month in London

Using historic film, we look back at the events that made the headlines in our city over the past one hundred years.

Trust me I'm a Doctor Trust Me I'm a Doctor Ep2

Can you be fit and fat? Could you improve your health by staying in bed longer? Michael Mosley and his team of doctors find out.

UK Gold

Narrated by Dominic West, with a soundtrack by Thom Yorke and Robert del Naja, a documentary examining Britain's status as a tax haven for large corporations and the wealthy.

Unlocking Sherlock Unlocking Sherlock

How did writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss turn the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Victorian super-sleuth in the 21st-century television phenomenon that is Sherlock?

Untold Stories of a Royal... Untold Stories of a Royal...

... Bridesmaid: 30 years ago, India Hicks was a bridesmaid in the wedding of the century when her cousin, Prince Charles, married Lady Diana. India revisits that day with the people that were there.

Waging A Living In London

Waging A Living In London, chronicling the successful campaign by cleaners at The Barbican Centre to secure a substantial pay rise, from around £6 to £8 per hour.

Walking With Dogs

Why do dogs play such an important part in our lives? Wonderland approaches dog walkers on London's Hampstead Heath to uncover the surprising stories between human and canine.

Why Don't You Speak English Why Don't You Speak English? // 2

First-generation immigrants are taught English by an ordinary British family, for one week, and in the family's own home.

Will Young: Who I Am Will Young: Who I Am // 2

London Real: In a candid interview with Brian Rose, Will Young discusses his route to stardom and his journey through therapy to battle past mental health issues. (Part 2 of 2).

William, Kate & George... William, Kate & George...

... A New Royal Family: With contributions from royal experts a look at the Cambridges' life together and asks what lies ahead for them in what will be tumultuous and rewarding lives.

Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story

A woman is accused of trying to get her daughter on the high-school cheerleading squad, by murder.

Young Vets Young Vets Episode 6

Following a group of student vets finally getting hands-on with real animals. Charlie cares for a dog who almost dies after surgery.

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