Share your London with us!

Seen something interesting? Tell us about it! Watch our short clip and see how you can get involved

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Share your London with us!

Do you want to see your content on London Live? It's as easy as picking up a camera, any camera, and start filming what's happening in your local area.

We are always looking for video bloggers, so that we can share your street or opinions with the rest of London, and possibly even the UK. 

Just log in to get started. Your clips might end up on air! 

London Live Vloggers Guide

  • Vlogs should be no shorter than 30 seconds long, but if you like to talk, we are happy to receive longer vlogs, as long as they are directed to the camera.  2 – 3 minute vlogs work really well especially if they include a good range of overlay shots or interviewees.
  • But we also want to SEE what you are talking about, so film that shop, that street, that hole in the street, that heap of garbage no one ever collects, the fashion, the people, etc.
  • Please say your full name and what part of London you are from.
  • Plan what you are going to say in advance (make some notes with bullet points of what you want to talk about).
  • Make sure you are recording in a place where there is no background noise. Make it visually interesting, go out on the streets, show us the area!
  • Sit or stand close to the microphone so it can pick up what you are saying.
  • If you’re filming on your phone – film in landscape.
  • Don’t swear, be insulting or slanderous.
  • Speak clearly and don’t rush, but be enthusiastic.
  • Please don’t edit in any music, and be aware not to let the radio or TV play in the background, as we can’t put these online or on air due to rights issues.
  • Have a few goes at recording your vlog and pick the best one. The first one often doesn’t work the best.
  • If you want to submit a pre-produced news package, please get in touch first.
  • For inspiration, have a look at the clickable map on our website Local pages e.g.
  • Send your vlog to via WeTransfer or Dropbox!