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Coach Trip Chambery

Brendan has to go to hospital, leaving a coach tripper in charge of the group. There's mayhem at a dairy farm. It's up, up and away with some micro-lighting, and back to earth with a bump at the vote.

NEXT ON: 11:00am, Fri 18 Jan

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A Place in The Sun A Place in The Sun

Property experts help British house hunters find their dream properties abroad.

NEXT ON: 10:00am, Fri 18 Jan

Decoding Annie Parker Decoding Annie Parker

Starring Helen Hunt. Annie Parker has watched both her mother and sister die of breast cancer and with the help of one doctor, works to prove that the disease is genetically linked. (2013)

NEXT ON: 10:00pm, Fri 18 Jan

Supermarket Sleuth Supermarket Sleuth

Cherry Healey tests the everyday staples that could help with everything from our hearts to our teeth.

What To Watch What to Watch

Our guide to the best on the box in the week ahead, including interviews with the stars.

NEXT ON: 6:30pm, Mon 21 Jan

Capital Conversation

Revealing the secrets of what it takes to be the best in business today. Author and entrepreneur Michael Hayman MBE interviews the business leaders at the heart of London's most exciting success stories.

London Go London Go 18th January 2019

What to do and where to go - our guide to the best arts and entertainment across the capital.

NEXT ON: 6:30pm, Fri 18 Jan

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