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Palo - Street Art

EXCLUSIVE new series coming 28th February

‘Next Big Thing’ winners announced.

Over 300 entries in Portraiture, Photography, Street Art, Sculpture, and Landscape were submitted by extraordinary and inspiring young Londoners. The winning artists will be filmed for the new series, as they create an original piece of work which captures the ‘Spirit of London’.

  • Profile InterviewsHarry and Megan

    Profile InterviewsHarry and Meghan call to end racism with new campaign

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex today called for Britain to grasp an opportunity for change as they warned that young people of colour will be held back “as long as structural racism exists”.

    Thomas Abbott 1st October 2020

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  • New DramaQueen

    New DramaQueens

    Two women, both Queens, confront one another on matters religious, political and personal. New drama on London Live. Mondays 9PM starting on the 31st August

    Thomas Abbott 20th August 2020

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  • NewsCognitive Behaviour

    NewsCan ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ help during Lockdown?

    As the majority of people prepared for more self-isolation in what is a stressful and uncertain time. we needed to take into account how huge changes to our lives can cause anxiety and trigger mental health problems.

    Thomas Abbott 29th May 2020

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  • Arts & CultureLucie Jones, Waitress

    Arts & CultureWaitress star Lucie Jones on how the West End is keeping the lights on

    With the lights having gone off in the West End for the time being the stars of theatre-land are moving their talents to the web giving audiences the chance to enjoy their favourite songs from the comfort of their own home.

    Thomas Abbott 29th May 2020

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  • News

    NewsTeacher and Bake Off Finalist Alice Fevronia on keeping kids educated in lockdown

    Teacher and Great British Bake Off Finalist Alice Fevronia who believes that families need to get into a daily routine whilst in self-isolation.

    Thomas Abbott 29th May 2020

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  • NewsHera Hussein

    NewsDomestic abuse during lockdown

    In Lockdown with most working from home or self isolating an issue that perhaps hasn't been touched upon is that of domestic abuse.

    Thomas Abbott 12th May 2020

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  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & CultureSouth London author Hayley Doyle reveals her debut work of fiction

    Giving the current circumstances it would seem that now would be a good time to release a new book. The debut novel for South London author Hayley Doyle looks at two people falling in love as their worlds and their cars collide.

    Thomas Abbott 29th May 2020

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  • Arts & Culture100 year old painter

    Arts & CultureNew hobby at the age 99!

    99 year old Londoner Christian Lamb is certainly someone who takes the mantra 'its never too late to start' as gospel. With just months to go before her 100th Birthday she's taken up a new hobby of painting.

    Thomas Abbott 12th May 2020

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  • Arts & CultureLucas and Albert

    Arts & CultureLondon Film ‘Lucas and Albert’ nominated for Best Picture

    A new film set right here in the capital has come to Amazon Prime. Nominated for a National Film award, Lucas and Albert follows two hitmen who are hired to clean up after a bank robbery that went wrong 20 years ago but all isn't what it seems.

    Thomas Abbott 29th May 2020

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  • TrailerChinese New Year Slate

    TrailerChinese New Year 2020: Trailer

    Catch the highlights of the Chinese New Year's vibrant celebrations from Chinatown and Trafalgar Square. What better way to start the Year of the Rat.

    Thomas Abbott 11th May 2020

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