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From pen pals to a book deal, the story of an unexpected friendship

Have you ever been feeling low or received bad news and an outstretched hand from your best friend was what you needed to cheer you up.

Well how about you got this love and support from just an acquaintance, who ends up sending 100 letters to help comfort you.

That’s the story for Brian Greenley who had only met Alison Hitchcock 6 months before being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in 2010. Over the next two and a half years, Alison wrote to Brian with tales of her life, friends and family to distract from the treatment and surgery he was receiving.

13 years on, with Brian now cancer free, the pair have a charity called ‘From Me To You’ helping the socially isolated with letters and are releasing a book inspired by the duos meeting.

They’ve been speaking to us about their new book ‘From Me To You’ which is out next Thursday 6th April.

Tanya Francis 31st March 2023

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