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New documentary highlights what life is like for London’s older generations

A new documentary is shedding light on what it’s like to grow old London.

Set in remarkable 18th Century almshouses hidden behind Tate Modern and in the shadow of swathes of towering new build apartments are elderly residents who live in this sheltered housing charity scheme, many in their eighties and beyond.

In the film they share what it’s like to feel left behind, and how a sense of community has changed in the capital.

Waterloo sunset was made by documentary filmmaker Harvey Marcus and he joined James alongside 76-year-old Shamus, still dreaming of pop stardom, who’s at the film’s centre.

The film will be showing in London cinemas, including Tate Modern, Arthouse Crouch End and The Cinema in the Power Station in Battersea.

Henry Thomas-Aldridge 20th June 2024

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