Help a Hungry Child

The London Live Christmas Appeal Help a Hungry Child in collaboration with The Evening Standard and Independent, will address one of the most pressing issues in contemporary London: food poverty. 

You can donate to the Help A Hungry Child appeal here.

It is dispiriting that in a prosperous and civilised capital so many children do not eat decent, nutritious meals.

The appeal sees London Live partner with charity, The Felix Project. This partnership will ensure that children in schools in deprived areas — starting with Stanhope School in Greenford then 120 others — will have access to sufficient food for a good meal.

It is a deserving cause. An academic study suggests 70,000 children are going to school hungry in London.

The Felix Project addresses two pressing issues together. It deals with food poverty by tackling food waste.

The charity will bring food donated by wholesalers and supermarkets to schools where it will set up stalls where children can help themselves to food bags — enough for good and sustaining meals for their family. In two years, we aim to reach 50,000 children.

No child should go hungry in London. Their health and their capacity to learn suffers when they don’t eat well. Our appeal will meet a pressing real need and it relies on you, our viewers for support. Just a pound will be enough to pay for a nutritious meal for a child’s family; £500 will enable an entire school to enrol in the project.

London Live Christmas campaign with The Felix Project