Scottish Independence Referendum: Live Blog

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Scottish Independence Referendum: Live Blog
19th September 2014

Scotland has voted NO in the independence referendum.

A high turn out of approximately 84% pushed the 'No' campaign to what was a relatively comfortable victory, as they secured approximately 55% of the vote. 

Stay here for reaction throughout the day. 

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9:27am Conservative MP for Somerset, Liam Fox, gave us his reaction to the referendum results. He said he was relieved at the outcome and thought that lessons could be learnt from the high turn out looking towards the 2015 general election. 


8:55am London MPs have been reacting to the results on Twitter this morning. MP for Hackney, Dianne Abbott, wants to see further devolution across the United Kingdom, with cities such as London taking more control over decisions.

She also believes the fact that 16 year olds were allowed to partake in the indepedence referendum means the same must be carried over for the next general election, something which Thursday's Power Lunch guest, Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting, agreed with. 

Rupert Myers breaks down David Cameron’s post-results speech and explains the potential for England now receiving similar devolved powers to those that have been promised to Scotland. 


Evening Standard Business Reporter, Toby Green, discusses the economic consequences of the ‘No’ vote emerging victorious in the Scottish independence referendum. 


Nigel Farage has been speaking to our reporter at Westminster this morning - he described David Cameron's handling of the independence referendum as "pathetic". 


Digital Editor of The Indepedent, Christian Broughton, believes political jousting has already begun between David Cameron and Alex Salmond in the immediate aftermath of the referendum. 


7:10am: British prime minister David Cameron is addressing the media at Downing Street. 

He said: "The people of Scotland have spoken and it is a clear result. They have kept our country of four nations together and like millions of other people I am delighted."

Political commentator Rupert Myers gives his reaction to the results on #WakeUpLondon. 


6:44am: Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who joined David Cameron and Ed Miliband in their last minute trip to Scotland earlier this week to push the 'No' campaign, has also tweeted out his thoughts following the results. 

6:35am: Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond, has been speaking in Edinburgh. He accepted defeat and called upon the people of Scotland to accept the outcome. Salmond said he "accepted the verdict of the people and called on Scotland to accept the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland".

"I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic will of the people of Scotland," he adds.

6:32am: While Darling himself has also expressed his delight at the results over Twitter...

Meanwhile, a relieved David Cameron has congratulated #bettertogether campaign organiser Alistair Darling on their looming victory. 

5:57am: Alex Salmond congratulates the city of Glasgow in what one might assume is a defeatist tone. 

5:55am The results are in from Edinburgh. 123,927 voted YES, but 194,638 voted NO, and with that, the celebrations will be well underway within the NO camp. 

5:42am: We await news from Edinburgh, which is expected to put the final nail in the 'Yes' campaigns' coffin. Media outlets are predicting victory for the 'No' campaign, while the Scottish deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has publicly accepted defeat. 

5:16am: North and South Ayrshire come in within moments of each other, the trend of NO votes continues as the overall results remain at 54% NO and the YES campaigns hopes seem to be fading. 

5:03am: The results are in from Glasgow are in, as 53.49% voted in favour of 'Yes', but the relatively low turn out of 75% may see the impact of that vote limited. 

Results from Edinburgh are expected imminently as the overall results still stand at 46% NO and 54% YES. 

4:55am: Here is a table of the latest results, with the overall percentages standing at 54% NO and 46% YES. 

Aberdeen City 175,745 41.39% 58.61%
Aberdeenshire 206,486 Undeclared  
Angus 93,551 43.68% 56.32%
Argyll & Bute 72,002 Undeclared  
Clackmannanshire 39,972 46.20% 53.80%
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar 22,908 46.58% 53.42%
Dumfries & Galloway 122,036 34.33% 65.67%
Dundee City 118,729 57.35% 42.65%
East Ayrshire 99,664 Undeclared  
East Dunbartonshire 86,836 Undeclared  
East Lothian 81,945 38.28% 61.72%
East Renfrewshire 72,981 36.81% 63.19%
Edinburgh 378,012 Undeclared  
Falkirk 122,457 46.53% 53.47%
Fife 302,165 Undeclared  
Glasgow 486,219 Undeclared  
Highland 190,778 Undeclared  
Inverclyde 62,481 49.92% 50.08%
Midlothian 69,617 43.70% 56.30%
Moray 75,170 Undeclared  
North Ayrshire 113,923 Undeclared  
North Lanarkshire 268,704 Undeclared  
Orkney Islands 17,806 32.80% 67.20%
Perth & Kinross 120,015 Undeclared  
Renfrewshire 134,735 47.19% 52.81%
Scottish Borders 95,533 Undeclared  
Shetland Islands 18,516 36.29% 63.71%
South Ayrshire 94,881 Undeclared  
South Lanarkshire 261,157 Undeclared  
Stirling 69,033 40.23% 59.77%
West Dunbartonshire 71,109 53.96% 46.04%
West Lothian 138,226 44.82% 55.18%

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