The week in Westminster: blows to Miliband, the PM in Oz, Boris bumped in favour of Jennifer Lawrence

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The week in Westminster: blows to Miliband, the PM in Oz, Boris bumped in favour of Jennifer Lawrence
14th November 2014

Jihadists facing bans from UK

Addressing the G20 summit in Canberra Australia, David Cameron announced plans to introduce new powers to stop British jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq. 

It’s a difficult proposal to implement as international law makes it clear that people cannot be left stateless. 

However, it is thought it is being done to stop people leaving in the UK in the first place or to learn more about what is happening out in Syria and Iraq. 

These exclusion orders could last for up to two years and can be renewed.

The news comes as part of counter-terrorism bill to be published at the end of the month. The Conservatives want it to be law by January.

Ed Miliband meekly attempt at come back 

Ed Miliband has faced a tough week as Labour leader. His authority - and many commentators would struggle to call it that - has been repeatedly questioned. 

A poll from Evening Standard showed a mere 13% of public think he is ready to be Prime Minister, and support from the Labour camp was little better, as 58% of Labour supported said they were dissatisfied with his performance as leader. 

In perhaps the most humiliating blow, his approval ratings have sunk below that of Nick Clegg. 

His sibling rivalry has stayed put, though, as when asked by CBI whether his brother David would have been better, he replied “Definitely not.”

It all indicates that the 2015 general election will be an extremely tight race. As Oliver notes, the country is facing a peculiar situation where both major parties are expecting to lose.

Bookies paying out for UKIP win in Rochester & Strood 

Oliver also discusses the position of UKIP around the country and whether they stand a chance of securing another MP. He’s not convinced, and doesn’t believe the party have enough funds to support it. 


Boris bumped in favour of Jennifer Lawrence 


In other news, Boris Johnson visited David Letterman’s chat show in the USA. Expecting to be the headline act, he was dropped lower down the schedule in favour of Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence. 

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