Is Google building a killer robot? ...well, if they are, it's called Ian

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Is Google building a killer robot? ...well, if they are, it's called Ian
18th November 2014

Blank Space on your phone? Fill it with Swift’s app 

Taylor Swift has launched an app to accompany her new video “Blank Space”. 
Fans will get to tour the mansion film set of her new music video, virtually at least.
After all, as the song goes, “You know I love the players, and you love the game.”


Get a new leash of life with this doggy fitness app

Dog lover? Fitness lover? Get a new leash of life with this new app which tracks your dog’s whereabouts and all it’s activity too. Dog tracker syncs to your phone and helps you find lost dogs and keep your pooch in good shape. 


The Karate Kicking robot… called Ian 

Google have built a robot to recreate the crane kick from the Karate Kid films… called Ian. 
Ian the Atlas robot can be found at IHMC standing on a stack of cinder blocks.
He is built by Boston Dynamics, who clearly have a sense of humour as they have programmed him to ‘wipe on’ and ‘sip off’ with such precision.
However, the robot has a little more to do as he is intended to replace humans in life threatening situations. 


App of the week: VSCO 

As the saying goes, the best camera is the one on you. 
The “tasteful” filters have caught San’s eye as they don’t overload the photo with heavy handed effects. Instead, it allows users to use their camera phones more like a DSLR and San thinks it’s the best phone app on the market. 

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