To old for a mortgage at 40, parents scared of Facebook and a strange new exhibition

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To old for a mortgage at 40, parents scared of Facebook and a strange new exhibition
25th November 2014

30 to 40 Year-olds may not be able to get a mortgage any more

Lenders are worried that if they allow borrowers in their 40s, and sometimes as young as 30s, long term loans they will be accused of mis-selling.

This comes from a warning today from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, stating that older borrowers may not fit into the lenders standard terms. 
This is because a long-term loan could be go beyond the age of retirement, leaving an outstanding debt. To avoid this predicament, the companies may have to give a negative response from the outset.

Parents are too afraid to discipline their children for fear of being mocked on Facebook

Children used to get told off, and then go and sulk in their rooms. 
Now, they vent their anger on social media, and because of it being such a public forum, parents are left second guessing their actions.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Alice Phillips, President of the Girls’ Schools Association said that parents are becoming ‘less bold and intuitive’ amid fears that their row will be broadcast on Twitter and Facebook. 
Apparently, children are using social media to vent their frustrations, and then their friends ‘egg’ them on to take the confrontation further.

Is it art?

A new Serpentine exhibition, said to be the star of it’s winter show, has got a few art lovers scratching their heads.
The show, created by German sculptor Reiner Ruthenbeck, sees tables and chairs turned on their sides, laying the wrong way up on the floor, apparently to show notions of ‘order and disorder.’
Other elements of the exhibition are a heap of crumpled paper and a darkened room with one single lightbulb.
These ordinary objects which seem to have had very little done to them to create the idea of art, may be criticised of being too simplistic, or actually quite lazy. Similar to the criticisms of the acclaimed artist, Tracy Emin for the exhibition of the unmade bed and dirty ashtray.
But one thing it does do is provokes a conversation and ignites a debate, which some could argue is the whole reason for art.
And as Ralf Santullo said, “Art is not what you think, but what you think is art.”

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