Text neck, aging wine and Uber pairs with Spotify

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Text neck, aging wine and Uber pairs with Spotify
25th November 2014

Modern day problems: Text neck

Spinal surgeons are becoming concerned because the entire nation sen to be damaging their posture. ‘Text neck’ happens when a mobile phone user looks down at the device for a long period of time. Surgeons are worried that this position, which most of us are guilty of, can have a negative affect on our posture.


The sonic decanter that makes plonk taste better with sound waves.

Traditionally a wine has ‘age’ to become delicious and well bodied. This take a long time, and that usually increases the price tag.
But a new invention aims to change that, The Sonic Decanter uses sound waves to ‘mimic the effect of mother nature’ and promises to make any wine taste better in around 20 minutes.

App of the week: Monument Valley.

Inspired by the works of M. C. Escher, Monument Valley is a highly acclaimed puzzle game based around optical illusions.
Originally released earlier this year, fans can now download an expansion, Forgotten Shores, which sees Princess Ida continue her journey through mazes and illusions.  
The download will also include a new chapter, Ida’s Red Dream, with funds raised from the sale being donated to charity to help fight AIDS.

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