Police terror leaflets, the Swiss eating cats and extreme Christmas lights

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Police terror leaflets, the Swiss eating cats and extreme Christmas lights
27th November 2014

Journalist Andy Jones joins Wake Up London to discuss the stories making the headlines today.

Police are handing out leaflets explain what to do in a terror crisis

Run tell, hide and tell’ in the event of a terror attack, is the advice that is being given to the public in a new leaflet handed out by the police.
It shows images of offices workers escaping out of building and hiding in darkened rooms.
One page advises ‘If you hear gunfire or a weapons attack, leave the area safley if you can. If this puts you in greater danger, find a safe place to take cover.’
This new attempt to inform the public has been criticised as ‘disgraceful scaremongering’ by Chris Irvine a UKIP councillor for Rochester.
The leaflet has also had a negative reaction on social media by the general public.

The advice leaflets will be distributed around transport hubs in the capital.

Police are saying if any ssuspicious activity is seen, please can it be reported to the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

Petition to stop the Swiss eating their cats at Christmas

It has been reported that by an animal welfare charity that 3 percent of the Swiss population eat their cat at Christmas time.
It is said to be a traditional dish in which cat meat is survey up in a white wine and garlic sauce. 
In some rural parts of the country it still features on the menus of traditional restaurants.
It is legal to buy and sell cat meat in the country, however a petition that now has 16,000 signatures is trying to change that.

Extreme Christmas decorations

It is part of the festive holidays, the tree, the mince pies and the illuminated houses down the street.
But one house in Derbyshire has taken a leaf out of Blackpool’s book and becoming a glowing illuminated spectacle.
The decorations use so much power that the owner, Wayne Skinner, cannot switch the kettle on, and expects £500 worth of electricity bills.

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