Gordon Brown steps down, Students get their own back on Nick Clegg an North Korea hack

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Gordon Brown steps down, Students get their own back on Nick Clegg an North Korea hack
2nd December 2014

Author and journalist Bobby Friedman joins Wake Up London to talk through some of the stories making headlines today.

Gordon Brown steps down

Quite a momentous day, as the former Prime Minister confirms he will step down was an MP.

He told voters in Scotland that it was time for a ‘new person with new ideas.’
When rumors of his resignation were circulating, there were suggestions that he may run for leader of the Scottish Labour party.  But, he has already said that he will refuse any offer to enter the House of Lords, and has given the inclination that his health, especially his eyesight is not like it used to be.


Students get their own back on Nick Clegg

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and in this case it come in the form of a vote.  New election rules for students may mean that the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, may loose his seat in the next general election.
It comes after the Lib Dems previous election pledge to keep tuition fees low, and then whilst in power students saw the fees treble.
Now, a particular angry group of students are threatening his seat in Sheffield Hallam, home to the university, as they register to vote in his consistency, against him.
A polling result last week saw him just take a 3 point lead over labour on his own turf.

Sony’s movie leaked by North Korea

North Korea is expected to have leaked a new film by Sony, which was planned to be released this Christmas.
Sony’s computers were attacked and the movie was made available on the Internet.
It was down to a comedy film called ‘The Interview.’ The movie sees the actors Seth Rogen and James Franco playing two reporters, who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
Although Kin Joug-un’s spokespeople haven’t said the hack was down to them, they did not deny it and called the film an ‘Insult to the dignity and consciousness of the people.’

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