How much is your iPod really worth?

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How much is your iPod really worth?
9th December 2014

Shoppers buying discontinued iPods for four times the original price

Who says newer is always better?  Demand has risen for old versions of the iPod because of the capacity they offer.

The models were discontinued after smartphones rose in popularity but now a resurgence of iPod Classics can be seen on auction websites, where the models are being bid and bought for four times the price.

The 160GB iPod Classic, the largest made, has been selling on eBay for £550.

San Sharma discusses whether this is simply nostalgia going a little far or if the old iPods really do offer something their modern counterparts can't compete with. 

Is your smartphone a third-wheel in your relationship?

You wake up thinking about it, it’s the last thing you look at it when you go to sleep, you don’t feel whole without it…we’re talking about your phone, of course. 

75 per cent of women say smartphones are ruining their relationships as they compete with the gadgets for attention.

A survey carried out by two American psychologists has found something called "technoference" is having a negative effect on long term relationships, causing more conflict and lower life satisfaction.


There's a new two-faced phone

If you've ever wanted to take a selfie and video chat with your mum at the same time, you may soon be in luck.  The newly released YotaPhone 2 has two faces and while it's not offering selfie-heaven just yet, the features on it causing a buzz. 

Like the Kindle, it uses electronic paper display which doesn’t use a back light. As well as being easily read in all lights, it conserves more energy and YotaPhone claim it can last up to one hundred hours.

One screen is always on constantly and can be used hands free.

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