Labour mansion tax to fund Scottish NHS and Nazi cows culled

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Labour mansion tax to fund Scottish NHS and Nazi cows culled

Political Journalist and Author Bobby Friedman takes a closer look at the stories making the headlines today.

Labour promises to fund 1,000 nurses in Scotland with the mansion tax

As the election hots up, the Labour Party has pledged that they would use a mansion tax to fund the NHS in Scotland.

Jim Murphy, the Party’s Scottish leader said that the tax money would go towards funding 1,000 new nurses in the country.


Nazi cows culled

A farmer in Devon imported ‘Heck’ cattle from Belgium to join his farm, but has had to cull the majority of them, as they turned aggressive and tried to attack his staff.


Seven of the 13 cows he bought have had to have been killed.


The Auroch breed, dubbed as ‘Natzi cows’, because the breed was brought back into the mainstream but Adolf Hitler int he 1930s.

Jilted groom sells his honeymoon with him on Ebay


John Whitbread from Leicestershire is looking for a companion on his honeymoon to the Dominican Republic after being left at the altar.


The trip is an all-inclusive holiday and is worth £1,950, and comes with John in tow.


He describes himself as a slim, with dark hair who enjoys a good laugh, and the advert states “I'm not boring, I'm adventurous otherwise I wouldn't be doing something as ridiculous as this.”

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