US CentCom social media hacked by IS, snowmen banned in Saudi Arabia and Crème Egg recipe changes

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US CentCom social media hacked by IS, snowmen banned in Saudi Arabia and Crème Egg recipe changes

US Central Command Twitter and YouTube accounts ‘hacked by IS’

International hackers claiming links to the Islamic State hacked the Twitter and YouTube accounts of US Central Command.

The group took control of both accounts on Monday night posting the message: “American soldiers, we are coming. Watch your back.”

The hackers also replaced CentCom’s logo with an image of a hooded figure with the words “CyberCaliphate” and “I love you ISIS”.

It happened just moments after President Barak Obama gave a speech about cyber-security to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington.


Saudi Arabia have declared a fatwa against building snowmen… but snowtrees are fine

A religious ruling has been issued against building snowmen in Saudi Arabia.

A prominent cleric in the region described the fun activity as a crude imitation of a Western practice as well as being “anti-Islamic”.

But according to Gulf News, the cleric Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid said building inanimate objects such as trees and houses would be permitted.

People living in the north of the country receive heavy snowfalls during the winter.


Backlash after Cadbury’s change Crème Egg recipe

Crème Egg lovers have been left in shock after Kraft changed the recipe and reduced the number of in boxes from six to five.

The eggs are only on sale for three months every year.

Cadbury’s owner Kraft defended the switch from a Dairy Milk shell to “standard cocoa mix chocolate” saying the company never played on the fact that Diary Milk chocolate was used.  


French Bulldog puppy gets his bed back

This is the moment a 10-week-old French Bulldog puppy finally got his revenge on a cat who kept stealing his bed. 

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