Natural History Museum dinosaur usurped by blue whale

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Natural History Museum dinosaur usurped by blue whale

Broadcaster and journalist Andy Jones discusses the top stories of the day- and the strangest, too. 

Natural History Museum dinosaur usurped by blue whale 

The iconic replica skeleton in the entrance of the Natural History Museum, known as Dippy the Diplodocus, is to be moved after 35 years greeting visitors. 

From 2017, the entrance hall will display a “perfect” real skeleton of a Blue Whale, which will hang in a diving position. 

The 25-metre-long skeleton was bought by the museum in 1891 for £250 and currently hangs in the mammals gallery. It is a complete skeleton, with every bone present, and has been on display since 1935. 

Richard Sabin, from the vertebrates division at the museum, said: “"It's a fantastically complete specimen

"It's also one of the largest of its kind on display anywhere in the world; and we know its history, we know how it was killed and processed, and that's quite rare.

"Just the act of moving it will be great for science because we'll scan every bone, and that means any researcher will be able to study it and even print 3D parts if they want to."

The museum say Dippy is to be moved because the plaster-cast model does not properly convey the cutting-edge science that is occurring in the building.  It is thought he will be rehoused in another part of the building or taken on tour. 

Number of unmarried couples with children falls by 7,000 in past year

It’s being called the Brangelina effect: unmarried couples with children are following the Hollywood example and getting hitched. 

According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, the number of unmarried couples with children fell by 7,000 in the last year.

The news comes despite confirmation that there has been a notable shift away from marriage in recent generations as the number of families headed by cohabiting couples has risen by 30 per cent in a decade, and doubled since the mid-1990s. 

Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane, Family lawyer with JMW Solicitors, said: “Just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there are many couples who are influenced by their children’s wishes and decide to marry not as a rejection of cohabitation but to provide security for their families.

“Children love fairytales and many of those have a touch of ‘happy ever after’.

“That's what children want for their parents and most parents want for their children.”

Yellow car photobombs tourists’ pictures 

The picturesque British village Bibury is known for its picture-postcard perfect scenery - but is beginning to get a reputation for a yellow car which is appearing in tourists photographs from around the world. 

The medieval cottages on Arlington Row in the village are among the most photographed “ordinary” dwellings in the UK - but photographers on Twitter are complaining because a bright yellow car owned by a local resident is “ruining” their shots. 

The vehicle is owned by retired dentist Peter Maddox, 82, who claims he has nowhere else to park his car.

Local photographer Lee McCallum first sparked the debate when he tweeted a photo of the houses with the car in shot from his tour company Kooky Cotswolds account. The tweet read: "Bibury's elephant in the room. The picture postcard street photobombed by the ugly little yellow car - every day."

He added: “Who owns the car? Why is he parking there? Does he know that his car is appearing in so many photos that are appearing all over the world?

"I know the National Trust isn't entirely happy about it, but they can't do anything about it."

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