New, strange weather 'snow' leaves country in chaos

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New, strange weather 'snow' leaves country in chaos

Presenter and blogger Georgie Barrat discusses some of the day's strangest stories in more detail.

Weather type "snow" leaves nation in shock

Schools, railways, airports and roads were left in disarray after being taken by surprise by the weather phenomenon "snow". 

For those unfamiliar, snow can be recognised by its characteristic white flakes of frozen water. 

Given the hundreds of schools closed, the many flights cancelled and the roads ground to a halt, it is not clear whether many Britons have experienced this “snow” before, despite records indicating that it has fallen the UK every year since records began. 

The North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has experienced up to 9in (23cm) of snow in some areas. Manchester Airport was forced to close both of its runways. Many roads in County Durham and Yorkshire were also closed, while Scotland put out 180 gritters. 

Around 200 schools were closed across the country. 

It has been widely reported that a foot of snow is expected and the country will be left in “chaos.” 

Meanwhile, 80 per cent of Greenland is covered in an ice sheet. 

Bedtimes could alter the chances of Olympic gold 

New research from the University of Birmingham show that the internal body clock has such a profound impact on sporting performance that it could alter the chances of winning an Olympic gold medal. 

Researchers say performance times varied by as much as 26 per cent throughout the day. Early risers peak at lunchtime, while those who stay up through the night and sleep in late perform best in the evening. 

It has even been suggested this is why Spanish teams are more successful in European football tournaments. 

The internal body clock affects everything from a person’s alertness to their risk of a heart attack. 

Young “Dave” Cameron more likely to get matches on Tinder than “Nige” Farage 

Online betting company Betfair decided to see what happens on Tinder if your profile shows you to be a younger version of our most famous politicians. 

Using old pictures of party leaders, they scrolled through 100 profiles a day for five days to see who was most popular. 

The bio for the young “Cameron” read “Prefer watching TV rather than being on it.” He got 257 matches from 500 wipes. 

“Ed Miliband”’s profile, which stated he was a “lover of bacon sandwiches”, saw him get 223 matches. 

"Nick Clegg" managed only 172 matches - but that could have been to do with his being “currently in a difficult relationship on the verge of a break up”. 

“Nige” Farage only managed 112 matches. 

If these results seem impressive, do remember that a man pretending to be a toiler got 200 matches in a week - which means Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg are less popular than a toilet.

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