Scoliosis sufferer calls for more awareness of spine-curving disease

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Scoliosis sufferer calls for more awareness of spine-curving disease

Scoilosis is a disease that can start at the young age of 10-years-old. It is not uncommon and can be treated, but only if it is spotted early.

Scoilosis occurs in the spine, it begins to curve, and is most aggressive when a child goes through a growth spurt, in some instances the the spine can cure up to 10 degrees every three months.

To raise awareness of scoliosis amongst families, Lucy who suffers with the disease and her mother Jo joined Headline London to talk about how to spot the signs.
If scoliosis is diagnosed at a young age the more successful the treatment will be. 

More work is being done to encourage surgeons to review the new methods of surgery, which have been in affect in America - where Lucy had treatment.

Lucy’s story

Her sister spotted the start of the curving of the sine in May.

Lucy’s family acted very quickly, and within three weeks she was diagnosed with a 52 degree curve of the spine.

By July Lucy was made to wear a back brace for 23 hours per day

In August she spent four weeks in intensive scoliosis therapy, followed by carrying out 45 specific exercises daily.

Despite all the efforts of the brace and therapy, Lucy’s spine curve moved to 60 deg, which meant that it was vital that she undergo surgery.

Lucy travelled to America to have Vertebral Body Tethering surgery. This is a new technique carried out by spine surgeon Dr Darryl Antonacci of The Institute for Spine & Scoliosis.

Within a year of the diagnosis Lucy has now had surgery and the curvature of her spine is now at 16 degrees. 

Although the sugary did not create an immediate full recovery, it is expected that over the years, as her body begins to grow it will reduce even further.

Lucy will be back to school after half term, and able to do all sports.

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