X marks the spot where you feel the government let you down

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X marks the spot where you feel the government let you down

In this country the general practice is: register to vote, go the the ballot, mark an ‘X’ new to the poetical party of your choice and hope for the best that the political party that mostly represents your needs and wishes prevails.
But, what if you are unsure of who to vote for, either down to feeling ambivalent or being in the mind that your one vote wouldn’t matter.

Vote4X is trying to raise the awareness of those negative feelings with the government, and ironically they are doing that by getting people to go to the ballot boxes and not voting.

VOTE4X say:
“If the politicians still don’t listen come Election Day we will ‘VOTE4X’ meaning we will vote for none of the above.”

This campaign is getting ‘voters’ to mark an ‘X’ on the ballot paper, proving that they care enough to turn up to the polling station, however they don’t feel strongly enough to vote for a certain political party.

This cakes as 30 per cent of registered voters participated during the local and European elections, last year.

VOTE4X set out to find why the other 70 per cent didn’t vote and what age they were.

The studies findings were that the majority said they didn’t vote and didn’t believe in voting as they believed that the government had failed them.

The main demographic of the voting public were that of an older generation, with the majority of voters being over 35-years-old.
VOTE4X say: “For the candidates, the aim is to win elections to pursue the fulfilment of proposed policies. Bearing this in mind, the proposals by the candidates are almost always tailored to befit the voting demographic in efforts to win majority rule in parliament, thus isolating the young. It therefore comes as no surprise that due to lack of representation, young people are rarely considered in the proposals.”

“Studies have shown that young people are reluctant to vote as they feel there are no parties or candidates that truly relate and understand their wants and needs. Numerous government run initiatives have been put in place and are yet to be successful in connecting with the young. If young people understood politics, how the country is governed and where they fall in in influencing that, as well as how they benefit from it, it’s doubtful that they wouldn’t have their say.”

VOTE4X is a national social media campaign set up to young people to influence politicians to earn their vote by compiling policies that address the issues that most politicians have ignored. 

The campaign plans to act as a catalyst to encourage politicians to connect with and cater to the youth.

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