Cheerful music helps you look on the bright side of life

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Cheerful music helps you look on the bright side of life

A new research has found that listenting to your favorite track can trick you into seeing the world 'a bit more brightly'. 

Professor Joydeep Bhattacharya and Job Lindsen conducted a series of short experiments where participants were asked to judge the brightness of a grey square when it was presented before and after a short excerpt of music.
Twenty adult participants were shown the first grey square for one second, and were then played an unfamiliar randomised piece of music composed for research, for nine to 17 seconds. They were asked to rate the music on a scale of 'very unpleasant' to 'very stimulating'. They were then shown a second grey square.
The second square was identical to the one presented earlier, but participants who rated their musical excerpt to be pleasant judged the square to be brighter than the people who rated their musical excerpt more negatively. 

In an interview with London Live, Professor Bhattacharya empashasis the way music can influence our perception. 

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