Fox News "terrorism expert": London has 'Muslim religious police'

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Fox News "terrorism expert": London has 'Muslim religious police'

Elizabeth Pears, Editor of The Voice Newspaper, discusses the top stories of the day in more detail. 

London pays tribute to Paris with landmark lights 

London landmarks were lit in the colours of the French flag on Sunday evening as the capital paid its respects to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. 

Among the monuments lit in red, white and blue were Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. 

Crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square in a show of solidarity with the French people. Cheers were heard at the French flag was projected on the front of the National Gallery. 

The lights marked the death of 17 people killed during three days of attacks in Paris. The staff of magazine Charlie Hebdo, police and hostages in a kosher supermarket were all killed. 

Birmingham ‘totally Muslim’ city, says Fox News ‘terrorism expert’

A “terrorism expert” who appeared on Fox News claimed Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, is “a totally Muslim” area, “where non-Muslims just simply don’t go.”

The comments came in a discussion about “no-go” areas in Europe where Fox News say Muslims are in complete control. 

The American “expert” Steve Emerson said: “In Britain, it's not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don't go in.”

He elaborated, saying Birmingham was “where sharia courts were set up, where Muslim density is very intense, where the police don't go in, and where it's basically a separate country almost, a country within a country."

Mr Emerson also said: “Parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn't dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire.”

None of these claims were backed up with evidence or examples from the regular Fox News contributor. 

Mr Emerson later apologised for his remarks saying “My comments about Birmingham were totally in error. There was no excuse for making this mistake and I owe an apology to every resident of Birmingham.” He also said he plans to make a donation to a Birmingham charity. 

He did not comment on his remarks regarding London. 

Mr. Emerson described his comments as a 'terrible error' and responding to the controversy, Birmingham City Councillor James McKay said:

"We are amazingly diverse, and that's one of the things that makes us brilliant - all this fuss is a reminder of how it's always best to check your facts before getting into a debate.”

It has led to the term 'FoxNewsFacts' trending on Twitter, where people posted mocking statements.

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