Highlights from the Global Youth Awards

The Global Youth awards are about young people doing extraordinary things, from helping out to make changes in local communities to tackling Global environmental issues.

Tanya Francis joins Tanith Harding, Director of the ‘Global youth awards’ with 2 winners from last year Issy and Ishan. The Global Awards started just after the London riots and was a way for the youth of London to voice showcase the important work they did and prove disprove the bad press that the youth demographic had gained post riots. In 2012 many of the participants of the Global Youth Awards were the people on the streets cleaning up and making a real difference to London.

One of last years winners Issy an aspiring environmentalist. Paints endangered animals in order to give them a voice. Whilst Ishan has created a website about slavery and human trafficking that young people can engage with to discuss this difficult topic.

The Global Youth Awards are in October, head to their website for information on how to take part.

Ben Ervine 11th May 2020

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