Keir Starmer’s comments on migration: London’s Bangladeshi community react

Sir Keir Starmer has said he was not intending to cause offence to the Bangladeshi community after he said “people coming from countries like Bangladesh are not being removed” from the UK currently,  as part of an election debate this week. 

His comments led the deputy leader of Tower Hamlets’ Labour group, Sabina Akhtar to quit on Wednesday. She accused Sir Keir of singling out her community and insulting her Bangladeshi identity.

In a social media post, Ms Akhtar said she could not be proud of the Labour Party any more, adding: “It is clear the direction it is heading is unacceptable to me and my community.”

Sir Keir has since said he had not intended to cause offence or upset and was “genuinely, genuinely concerned if that was the case” and he was “clumsy” in his comments. 

London Live spoke to Londoners Eshaan Akbar and Saleha Masud, both of Bangladeshi descent about how they felt.

Tanya Francis 28th June 2024