London’s Vagina museum ‘shocked and angry’ after being refused arts funding for menopause exhibition

London’s Vagina Museum has launched a public fundraising campaign to raise £58,000 to achieve an exhibition on menopause, after approaching more than 15 arts and heritage funders, and none chose to support the project. 

Zoe Williams, the Interim Director Vagina Museum, told London Live that they are “shocked and angry” at the lack of funding, and calling on the public is their only option. 

The exhibition, Menopause: What’s Changed?, is scheduled to open on 18th October 2024, which is World Menopause Day, and aims to explore menopause in the past; how it became medicalised, and the personal experiences for those that experience it. 

They told London Live that the exhibition will shatter stigma, confront myths, and normalise this common life event. 

Tanya Francis 27th June 2024

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