Racial slurs and politicised betting: This week in Westminster

The Reform Party has faced huge criticism after an undercover Channel 4 investigation revealed campaigners using racist and homophobic language.

The footage showed Reform campaigner Andrew Parker using the racist term about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and suggesting migrants should be used as “target practice”.

Another canvasser described the Pride flag as “degenerate” and suggested members of the LGBT community are paedophiles.

Responding to the investigation, Mr Parker said “of course” he regrets the language he used, but claimed it was just “typical chaps-down-the-pub talk” in “the heat of the moment”.

A spokesman for Essex Police said the force is “urgently assessing” the comments “to establish if there are any criminal offences”.

Nigel Farage, leader of the Reform Party,  sought to distance himself from the comments, saying the canvassers’ language was “vulgar, drunken and wrong” and that they had been kicked out of the party.

Later, Mr Farage  posted on X that he believed the canvasser was a part-time actor, saying the “whole episode does not add up”.

In response, Channel 4 said, “We did not pay the Reform UK canvasser or anyone else in this report. Mr Parker was not known to Channel 4 News and was filmed covertly via the undercover operation.”

Caitlyn Doherty is a reporter from Politics Home who joined Ellie Cunningham to discuss the week in Westminster.

Tanya Francis 28th June 2024

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