The Headline Interview with Nicola Horlick

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The Headline Interview with Nicola Horlick

Nicola Horlick’s life has spanned a range of career paths which showcases the passion, intelligence, empathy and drive of a woman who became a game changer in the city.

Nicola was born in Nottingham to an architect for a mother and her father a Liberal candidate. 

In her early life, Nicola was offered two incredible starting points, with the opportunity to go to the college of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art or go to university at Oxford.

She took the latter option.

This is where she met her husband who she married at the young age of 23. They moved to London to pursue careers. 



Nicola went to work for her father, working in distribution for an animal feed product through a Canadian company. 

She then went on to work at the merchant bank SG Warburg, where she became the youngest ever director at the age of 28.

This is where she began to start turning heads within her field. 

As well as her high-flying finance career, Nicola was bringing up six children, Georgina, Alice, Serena, Antonia, Rupert, and Benjie.

Her eldest daughter, Georgina, died of leukaemia in 1998 when she was 12.



While still working for Warburg, Nicola was offered a job fixing the investment banking company Margan Grenfell, which she describes as being “a mess” at the time.

She had many successes in the company, but this was also her downfall, as she was headhunted by another firm that made her an offer - which she declined. 

However this caused rumours to circulate about the potential of her leaving, and her relationship turned sour, so-much-so it became a global news story.



Having worked in banking at such a senior level, Editor of the Independent and Headline Interview presenter Amol Rajan asks Nicola how she feels about the current “banker bashing”.

It has been popular in recent times, especially when it comes down to politics.


Looking at the wider picture of finance and economics, Nicola gives her thoughts on the crisis of the Eurozone. She says it has been surprising how long Greece has managed to stay in the EU, saying it would be the “sensible thing” to cut ties with Europe.

She has different thoughts when it comes to the UK leaving Europe. She believes if there is a referendum, the country would vote to stay in the EU. She believes the reasons for this are down to the proximity, heritage but most importantly trade. 

“Most business people that I speak to are in the strong view that we should stay in the European Union,” she said.

“That’s not to say we shouldn’t reform it, but it’s much easier to reform something from within.”


Nicola has been investing her money into many businesses that she owns. 

She is still working in finance, with a private equity business Rockpool and Co, and running her new business, the crowd funding financial company Money and Co.

And if that won’t keep her busy she is also an author, owns a restaurant and a film production company in Los Angeles.

When Nicola Horlick was asked the simple question, “when are you going to retire?” she answered “never”.

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