Banaz: An Honour Killing

Episode 1
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A documentary film chronicling Banaz Mahmod's brutal honour killing.

But it is also a story of love …. Of Banaz, whose relationship with Rahmat put her life in danger ….. it was her video message from beyond the grave which convicted her father and uncle of the murder she feared would happen Of Bekhal, a young woman of incredible spirit and bravery, whose love for her murdered sister gave her the strength to testify against her own family and community - bringing justice to Banaz but consigning her to a life forever lived in hiding Of Detective Chief Inspector Caroline Goode, the senior Scotland Yard detective, who says she came to love Banaz beyond the grave. It was Caroline's dedication and passion which drove her on, finding her body against all the odds, laying her to rest, and relentlessly pursuing her killers, even to Iraq.