Filthy Rich And Homeless

Episode 4
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It’s the last night of the experiment and the five wealthy volunteers who have spent the last 10 days living with homeless people in London spend a final night in the hostel. But now they are going home, in many ways this is the most crucial part of the experience. Some of the five say that their original perceptions of homelessness have changed completely, but how will this affect them they get back into their old lives? The unwashed and tearful young student Thomas tells his parents how much he has changed and is determined to help those he met on the streets. Similarly, Ravi is unable to simply return to his previous existence and questions his material wealth. He decides to offer help to the homeless charity which runs a chain of shops called Rough Sleepers. Are the others – Clementine, Charles and Darren – similarly affected? Has this experiment made a lasting impact on any of them?

In Britain today, the rich are getting ever richer. They live a life of privilege, comfort and security that only a few of us will ever achieve, and that many of us can barely even dream about. So what do you give somebody who has everything? Nothing. In a bold social experiment created by experts Rebecca Pettit and Craig Last, five wealthy volunteers face the very harsh realities of life for those who have nothing. As they learn how to eat, keep warm and stay safe during their ten days homeless in London, will the wealthy volunteers change their perceptions and will they learn anything about themselves?