Filthy Rich And Homeless

Episode 1
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Having surrendered their possessions, each participant is given a crash course in street survival – how to keep warm, where to bed down, what to eat and how to find it, and how to maintain good hygiene living on the streets – then dropped off in a different area to live rough for three nights. Clementine cannot believe she has been dropped in the crack triangle of Soho, multi-millionaire Ravi fails to fulfil his promise of making serious money on the streets, and one night in the cold has Darren breaking down and threatening to head home. With the contributors refusing to beg, how will they fend for themselves with no money at all and where are they going to spend the night in sub-zero temperatures? Will any of them fall at the first hurdle? Or will they stick it out?

In Britain today, the rich are getting ever richer. They live a life of privilege, comfort and security that only a few of us will ever achieve, and that many of us can barely even dream about. So what do you give somebody who has everything? Nothing. In a bold social experiment created by experts Rebecca Pettit and Craig Last, five wealthy volunteers face the very harsh realities of life for those who have nothing. As they learn how to eat, keep warm and stay safe during their ten days homeless in London, will the wealthy volunteers change their perceptions and will they learn anything about themselves?