Filthy Rich And Homeless

Episode 3
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Charles, Clementine, Ravi, Thomas and Darren have already spent a week sleeping rough on the streets. Now they are sent to live in various hostels across London. Though they are coming in off the cold streets, they are now entering an even more frightening world. Ravi finds himself in Arlington House, one of London’s oldest hostels where many of the residents are alcoholics. He is forced to confront a few demons of his own as his preconceptions about homelessness are challenged. Thomas makes friends with a recovering heroin addict at his hostel. And Clementine gets bored where she is staying and opts for a posh lunch out with a friend. Halfway through the experiment, the wealthy guinea pigs are having their lives capsized, but are their perceptions of homelessness changing in any way? Is living alongside some of the poorest and disregarded members of society teaching them anything about themselves?

In Britain today, the rich are getting ever richer. They live a life of privilege, comfort and security that only a few of us will ever achieve, and that many of us can barely even dream about. So what do you give somebody who has everything? Nothing. In a bold social experiment created by experts Rebecca Pettit and Craig Last, five wealthy volunteers face the very harsh realities of life for those who have nothing. As they learn how to eat, keep warm and stay safe during their ten days homeless in London, will the wealthy volunteers change their perceptions and will they learn anything about themselves?