Filthy Rich And Homeless

Episode 2
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Charles, Clementine, Ravi, Thomas and Darren are sent back out on the streets in the freezing cold to spend another three nights outside, but this time with ‘homeless buddies’, who between them have endured years of serious drink and drug problems and spent time in prison. Soon Ravi is in a furious fight with his Scottish ‘buddy’ Alun as they fail to see eye to eye about sleeping in the bushes. Hilariously, Darren is taught by Smokie to strip and put old newspapers under his clothes to stay warm. And all the participants have to survive a severe snow storm.

In Britain today, the rich are getting ever richer. They live a life of privilege, comfort and security that only a few of us will ever achieve, and that many of us can barely even dream about. So what do you give somebody who has everything? Nothing. In a bold social experiment created by experts Rebecca Pettit and Craig Last, five wealthy volunteers face the very harsh realities of life for those who have nothing. As they learn how to eat, keep warm and stay safe during their ten days homeless in London, will the wealthy volunteers change their perceptions and will they learn anything about themselves?