Episode 1
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Compelling drama about banking and finance that offers a unique insight into how we have arrived so perilously close to the edge with Dominic Cooper and Aidan Gillen.

Jim is an ordinary guy in an ordinary job. He loves his wife and kids. And he has two burning aspirations; to be a homeowner and to take a much needed holiday. These dreams suddenly become a possibility when he meets Dave, the broker who can make anything happen. In no time Dave has assuaged Jim’s doubts and fixed his family up with a mortgage. Gus is a senior partner at a top investment bank. He is dedicated, in his tunnel vision, to earning as much money as he can. Recently he has guided the bank successfully into ‘collateralized debt investment’. By buying bundles of mortgages, like Jim’s, the bank can sell them at inflated prices. Gus and his team clinch a historic deal and their bonuses and kudos rocket sky high. But the glory is short-lived. News soon breaks that the packaged loans are toxic and their value plummets. The loss of confidence is international and soon it impacts on Jim who falls deeper and deeper into debt. Although set in London, this pacey and emotional film deals with the most pressing and relevant themes currently facing people all over the world. Offering a window on complex credit crunch issues, it engages the broadest audiences with a real emotional punch.