Episode 7 - Something About Love
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In the final episode, Michael decides that the transatlantic to-ing and fro-ing has gone on long enough and that he and Edie need to truly commit to each other to make this work. In a rash mood, he flies to New York to propose that Edie marry him and come and live in London. But she is ideologically opposed to marriage and wants them to live together on a trial basis instead - in New York.

Groundbreaking drama about a long-distance transatlantic love affair, set in London and New York. One chance look, one coincidence in a million - and two worlds are suddenly changed forever. Seven-part drama starring Rashida Jones and Stephen Moyer. When Edie Miller, a New Yorker on vacation in London, has her bag stolen on the South Bank, it leads to a chance meeting with native Londoner Michael Antonioni. Sparks fly and, even though Edie is due to fly home the very next day, there's no denying the chemistry...