Spooks: Code 9

Episode 1
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The year is 2013. Following a nuclear bomb attack, Thames House has gone and MI5 must completely restructure. It needs young, new officers on the ground – and fast. It is members of this new generation of patriots who help make up MI5’s new Field Office 19.

Already Britain is a technology hungry nation: widespread CCTV, loyalty cards, Oyster cards, new listening devices, chipping, tagging and soon the identity card. Civil liberties are hotly debated. Imagine a Britain post a major terror attack, in which thousands die. A Britain desperate to piece together what happened and equally fearful of where the next attack is coming from. A Britain in which social control is on the rise and anti terror methods are influencing every aspect of life. Britain in 2013 is a highly monitored world, which spills into everyone’s private lives. MI5, the new secret police, defend the realm. Society is tense – watching and being watched all the time.