Spooks: Code 9

Episode 2
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Protestors hack into the Emergency Communications System and broadcast a video of dead prisoners at a government prison. An image of one of the protestors is retrieved and Jez realises it is his asset, Kate, a girl he had become involved with. Vik cannot believe Jez could be so stupid, but promises not to tell Charlie. Jez and Vik hastily try to track down Kate but she has gone. A visit to her parents also reveals Kate is using fake ID. Jez now has no idea of her real name nor whereabouts.

Already Britain is a technology hungry nation: widespread CCTV, loyalty cards, Oyster cards, new listening devices, chipping, tagging and soon the identity card. Civil liberties are hotly debated. Imagine a Britain post a major terror attack, in which thousands die. A Britain desperate to piece together what happened and equally fearful of where the next attack is coming from. A Britain in which social control is on the rise and anti terror methods are influencing every aspect of life. Britain in 2013 is a highly monitored world, which spills into everyone’s private lives. MI5, the new secret police, defend the realm. Society is tense – watching and being watched all the time.