Vic The Viking

Vic The Viking
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Vic The Viking Vic The Viking

Hop onboard the drakkar and set sail over the seven seas while sharing the adventures of our boisterous Viking crew! Whether it’s at home in his village of Flake or exploring distant, unknown lands, you get to take part in the unique adventures of Vic, our clever little hero, who is clearly more brains than brawn!

NEXT ON: 7:00am, Mon 18 Feb

Nils Holgersson Nils Holgersson

After being transformed into an Elf, Nils embarks on the most extraordinary adventures along with his faithful flying companion, Martin the gander and his friends, the wild geese.

NEXT ON: 7:30am, Mon 18 Feb

Kids Film Club Kids Film Club

Family film reviews and previews hitting big & little screens in the capital.

F2 Kicks Off Episode 1

As the football excitement builds F2 Kicks Off! In the first episode, Billy and Jeremy take to the streets of Shoreditch, travel to the historic Stables Market in Camden, drop in on a West London skate park, and visit the iconic Covent Garden Piazza.

NEXT ON: 3:00am, Thu 28 Feb

Glitter Force Glitter Force // 2

More from our fab five girls

Heidi Series 1, Heidi Episode 1 UP THE MOUNTAIN

Led by her Aunt Dete, Heidi arrives in the village of Dörfli to live with Uncle, her grandfather.

NEXT ON: 6:00am, Mon 18 Feb

Digimon Fusion Series 2, Episode 9 THE WATER TIGER'S SLIPPERY TRAP

The evil shape-shifting Dark General of Cyber Land continues his work to divide and conquer Mikey, Shoutmon and their friends with a series of impersonations and traps. Can they see through the ruse and work together to stop him?

K3 K3 Ep5 Girl Band Finals

K3 are expected in Miami to compete in the Girl Band Contest finals. If they win, they will be elected "the all-time most popular Girl Band." In the finals they will have to face their main rivals.

NEXT ON: 6:31am, Mon 18 Feb

Tashi Tashi // 24

In a brand new world where nothing seems familiar, how do you survive and thrive? Luckily for city slicker Jack, his new best friend Tashi is the perfect guide through this topsy-turvy world. He can also depend on the whimsical Lotus Blossom to help navigate them all through tricky situations!

NEXT ON: 8:00am, Tue 19 Feb

Glitter Force Series 2 April's Babysitting Blues

While April is babysitting, her little brother and sister wander off and run into Brooha! To save them. she'll have to reveal her superhero status.

Heidi Series 1, Heidi Episode 1 UP THE MOUNTAIN

Led by her Aunt Dete, Heidi arrives in the village of Dörfli to live with Uncle, her grandfather.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers // 27

Kimberly's day goes from bad to worse when the Samurai Fanman captures her.

Power Ranges: Lightspeed Rescue Series 1, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Series Episode 34 Neptune's Daughter

Marina warns Chad that Diabolico has stolen her father's magical trident to drain the ocean leaving the Aquabase vulnerable to attack.