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Made in Chelsea Series 2, Episode 11

Rick Edwards hosts the End of Season Party as Millie, Spencer, Ollie and the gang answer questions and set the record straight on some of the most talked-about bits from the series.

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Film. Starring Michael Cane. Billy 'Shiner' a ruthless boxing promoter begins a frantic search for his sons' killer, but his past is catching up with him and so are the police.

NEXT ON: 10:00pm, Tue 31 Mar


Made in Chelsea Series 2, Episode 10

Millie uncovers the truth about Hugo and Rosie and outs their betrayal in front of the group. McVitie's heir Jamie also reveals a secret that may ruin his blossoming relationship with Louise.

NEXT ON: 4:00pm, Mon 30 Mar

Live: London Boxing Championships

Live from Croydon, watch the capital's best amateur boxers in action as they battle for the Elite London Championship titles and a springboard into the National Finals.

NEXT ON: 3:00pm, Sun 29 Mar


Cookery School Series 1, Episode 20

It's the weekly final, with the students required to cook the two dishes that they have achieved the lowest marks for. Only one will make it through to the semi-finals.

NEXT ON: 3:00pm, Mon 30 Mar

The Goat Race Episode 1

Forget the Boat Race! Experience the tension of the Oxford & Cambridge rivalry in the legendary Goat Race at Spitalfields City Farm. Who will trot away with the trophy for 2015?

NEXT ON: 11:00am, Sat 18 Apr


The Headline Interview Episode 2

Chef Ollie Dabbous joins The Independent Editor Amol Rajan in the studio.

NEXT ON: 10:30am, Mon 30 Mar


Da Ali G Show Series 2, Episode 3

The Staines junglist provides his inimitable mix of global reportage & celebrity chat, ably assisted by Kazakhstan's finest journalist, Borat, & Bruno (one name - like Madonna)

NEXT ON: 10:00pm, Sun 29 Mar

Dot The I

UK Film Premiere: Starring Gael García Bernal. Young lovers in London are wrapped up in a love triangle that may not be exactly what it seems.

NEXT ON: 9:00pm, Mon 30 Mar


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Drop the Dead Donkey Series 1, Don't Mention the Arabs

There's bad news for Christianity when the unspeakable Sally Smedley finds God.

NEXT ON: 9:00pm, Sun 29 Mar


River Cottage Life Series 1, Episode 12

New and exclusive to London Live, join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as he introduces us to his exciting new recipes from the famous River Cottage.

NEXT ON: 3:00pm, Tue 31 Mar


Britain's Next Big Thing Series 1, Episode 7

Theo Paphitis follows the progress of prospective entrepreneurs that have the power to create trends, make or break careers & decide exactly what the public buys.


Ten Years Younger: London Series 2, Episode 8

Nicky and her team join forces to pull back the years on a makeover hopeful.

NEXT ON: 7:00pm, Sun 29 Mar


Spaced Series 1, Episode 4 - Battles

Daisy receives some bad news from her boyfriend and decides to brighten up her life by getting a dog. Meanwhile, Tim goes paintballing with his arch-enemy.

Black Books Series 1, Episode 1 - Cooking the Books

When his dodgy accountant goes on the run, Bernard finds himself having to fill in his own tax return - not the easiest thing when you're mathematically illiterate. Perhaps some sort of crippling injury is the way out? Meanwhile, Fran discovers a Thing.

NEXT ON: 2:05am, Sun 12 Apr


Smack the Pony Series 2, Episode 7

The stylish, original and uninhibited Emmy award-winning sketch show starring Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips. Distinctly contemporary. Decidedly maverick.

NEXT ON: 10:30pm, Sun 05 Apr


Peep Show Series 3, Episode 4 - Sistering

Mark's plans for an enjoyable and productive week off work go out the window when his sister comes to stay. Jeremy clearly has the hots for her, and when Mark warns him to back off, Jeremy just wants her more... But then the shoe is on the other foot when Mark realises he has unexpected feelings for Jeremy's ex, Big Suze.

NEXT ON: 11:30pm, Sun 29 Mar


Place Invaders Series 2, Episode 5

With expert advice on getting on the property ladder, and an exclusive look into the capital's smartest pads, Place Invaders is the insider's guide to London's property scene.

NEXT ON: 8:00pm, Sun 29 Mar


London Bridge Series 1, Episode 26

Set in & around a restaurant & flats in a converted Thames-side mill house, the intertwining stories of the building's inhabitants captures the flow of life in the capital.


Food Junkies Series 1, Episode 10

London cabbie and die hard diner Joey Bone puts the capital's curries through their paces, Jimmy Garcia rustles up an iced white chocolate parfait. We meet Hackney hipster Cere Mae who takes us on a whistlestop tour of Soho lunchspots, and Laurie Stark stirs up a Southbank Mary.

NEXT ON: 6:30am, Mon 06 Apr

Vera Drake

Film. Starring Imelda Staunton. In 1950's London, family woman Vera Drake is secretly 'helping young women in trouble'. Award winning drama.

Miss World 2014

You’re guaranteed glamour at the 2014 Miss World pageant. Beautiful women from across the globe compete for the title at the 64th edition of the contest.


La Roux - Brockwell Lido

Electro pop artist La Roux takes us through her childhood hang out in South East London, her favourite cafe and performs exclusively a very intimate set.

NEXT ON: 5:00pm, Sat 04 Apr

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