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Miss World 2015 Miss World 2015 // Look back

You're guaranteed glamour at the 2015 Miss World pageant. Beautiful women from across the globe compete for the title at the 65th edition of the contest.

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Live from London: Pride 2016 Live from London: Pride 2016

Live from London Pride 2016.

NEXT ON: 4:00pm, Sat 25 Jun

The Hours

Starring Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore & Nicole Kidman, the Oscar winning story of how the novel 'Mrs. Dalloway' affects 3 generations of women, all of whom have emcountered suicide in their lives.

NEXT ON: 8:00pm, Sat 25 Jun

Glamour Puds Glamour Puds // 1

One of the world's best patisserie chefs reveals the secrets behind making fabulous desserts good enough to grace the swankiest of dinner parties.

NEXT ON: 8:00pm, Mon 27 Jun

The Magnificent Eleven

Film: Starring Sean Pertwee. A modernization of the classic western in which the Cowboys are a struggling local amateur soccer team and the Indians run a nearby Tandoori restaurant.

NEXT ON: 10:30pm, Sun 10 Jul


Film: Starring Kate Winslet & Dougray Scott. A young genius frantically races against time to crack an enemy code and solve the mystery surrounding the woman he loves.

NEXT ON: 8:00pm, Wed 06 Jul

London Film Club

Grab some popcorn for reviews and previews of the latest films to hit the big screen in the capital, served with a pick'n'mix of red carpet interviews with the stars.

NEXT ON: 7:30pm, Thu 30 Jun

Essex Boys: Retribution

Twenty years after Britain's most notorious gangland murders, the next generation of Essex Boys vie for control as revenge is sought by all sides.

Baking Mad

Master patissier Eric Lanlard offers some hot tips for baking success with step-by-step demonstrations of his delicious recipes.

NEXT ON: 4:00pm, Mon 27 Jun

A Night to Remember

Film: On April 14, 1912, the "unsinkable" Titanic struck an iceberg. In this award-winning film, acclaimed British director Roy Ward Baker depicts the the ship's last hours.

Dead Man Running

Film: Starring Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan. The clock is ticking and the boys have just 24 hours to raise cash to pay back bloodthirsty New York kingpin, Mr Thigo. Fail... and everyone dies.


Desmond's Desmond's // Series 4 // Episode 6

Shirley invites problem-child Daisy for the weekend and she drives everyone up the wall.

NEXT ON: 6:00am, Mon 27 Jun

I Really Hate My Job

Film: Starring Neve Campbell & Shirley Henderson. Running late for her job as a kitchen hand in a Soho café, Alice discovers that the chef is drunk and agrees to cover for him, with consequences...

Respectable: Mary Millington Story

Documentary chronicling the extraordinary life and tragic death of Mary Millington - Britain's most famous pornographic actress of the 1970s.

NEXT ON: 10:30pm, Sat 25 Jun

Trigger Happy TV Series 1, Episode 2

The Parkie questions some bewildered old age pensioners about a bit of unpleasantness by the lake, Alice Cooper has an interview with a dutiful son, and the portrait painter tries his hand at a different art-form.

NEXT ON: 4:00am, Mon 11 Jul

St. George's Day

Film: Starring Charles Dance. A top firm in the capital's gangster underworld is threatened when they lose a drug shipment belonging to the Russian Mafia.

Caesar and Cleopatra

Film: Starring Vivien Leigjh. At the height of the Roman Civil War, a young Cleopatra meets a middle-aged Julius Caesar who teaches her how to rule Egypt.

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