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Poor literacy skills costing Londoners thousands of pounds in earnings.

An 18-year-old with “very poor” literacy skills will earn around £47,000 less over their lifetime

  • NewsRainbow

    NewsRainbow installation by St. Paul’s Cathedral shining a light on the importance of recycling

    The rainbow is made from more than 2,500 recycled drink cans, highlighting the importance of recycling the more than 30 million drink cans that are bought and used each week across London.

    Hebe Campbell 21st September 2021

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  • News

    NewsDJ Pete Tong on how music can impact family life

    According to new research, families who listen to music together form better bonds and are less likely to argue.

    Alicia Edwards 21st September 2021

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  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & CultureAuthor Alec Marsh on his latest book ‘Ghosts of the West’

    It is the third in the series of novels centred around investigators, Drabble and Harris

    Alicia Edwards 21st September 2021

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  • News

    NewsBaroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and Olympian Matty Lee encourage Londoners to exercise

    Tanni Grey Thompson says Londoners should feel confident to go back to the gym, amid fears that many people are remaining inactive over covid safety concerns.

    Alicia Edwards 22nd September 2021

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  • News

    NewsThe lockdown idea which became a Mayor’s prize winner

    A new London company working to make plastic-free cleaning products

    Anthony Baxter 22nd September 2021

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