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2 Ukrainian plays come to West London

A production of two Ukrainian plays is arriving at the Finborough Theatre by two pioneering female Ukrainian playwrights – both of whom are stuck in Ukraine as the war continues.

The reason, is to try and continue to highlight to a London audience the importance of not letting us forget about the conflict – even as it disappears from the news cycle.

The first play is called Take the rubbish out, Sasha, written by Natalia Vorozhbit.

It’s about the widow and daughter of a dead Ukrainian army officer called Sasha.

Written years before the invasion of Ukraine the themes foreshadow today.


The next is called Pussycat in Memory of Darkness about the 2014 conflict in the Donbas after Russia took Crimea.

Again, a play that foreshadows what’s happening as we speak.

It follows a woman fleeing in hope in finding a home for a basket of kittens.

Written by Neda Nezhdana it starkly reveals the roots of Russia’s war on Ukraine through the brutalised eyes of one woman.

James spoke to the directors of both productions.

 9th August to the 3rd of September at the Finborough Theatre.

James Dickman 4th August 2022

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