User Commitment

Here at London Live we want to make sure that by joining our community, you are clear about what you are signing up for.  So we are making this commitment to all of our users:
  • We will always let you know what information we’d like about you, why we’d like it and what we do with this data.
  • We will always make sure that you are in control of your information.

Transparency and clarity of information

It’s important to us that we have a good relationship with our users, as we rely on you for feedback and your viewing habits help us shape our programming so we give you more of what we know you like.  If you want to read in detail about how we run the Website and the information we collect please click through to our terms of useprivacy policy and cookie policy.  The main reasons we collect information about you are listed here:
  1. So we can monitor what our viewers are looking at.  This can tell us which of our programmes are the most popular, or when viewers are looking at the Website the most or what devices you are using to watch video.  We can tell using your registration information and by using cookies a bit more about you and your interests.  If we overlay this insight onto viewing habits we can make sure we develop new programmes that we know you will be interested in and that fit your lifestyle.
  2. So we can make your experience of using the Website simple and enjoyable.  By remembering who you are when you come back to the Website we can save your place on the last video you were watching or let you share content with your friends without signing in again.
  3. So we can audit the Website using anonymous data collected to tell us how many visitors are using the Website, for how long and where they are coming from.
We also sell advertising on the Website, which enables us to give you access to all the content on for free.  By making the advertisements more relevant to your viewing preferences, lifestyle or your interests they should hopefully be more compelling and work better for the advertisers!

You’re in control

Please rest assured we don’t sell your personal details on to anyone else.
We will not bombard your inbox with emails you haven’t asked for.
If you decide you’d like to change your preferences,  You can contact us to ask us questions or easily find out answers to common queries in our policy pages in this section of our Website.