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A schooling on organic wine with a special tasting in the London Live studio

A new study has revealed that a massive 81% of Londoners are, to varying extents, self-proclaimed wine experts, thinking we know everything about it, where it’s from, and the differences between the different variants of it.

But Londoner Richard Dennis, who’s a wine judge and sommelier, insists that can’t be true.

It’s also Organic September which is a chance for Brits to explore the exciting possibilities of organic produce.

While organic food and drink is generally popular, it appears very few Brits know about organic wine, with just 9% of us admitting we know what makes wine ‘organic’.

He joined Helena in the studio earlier to reveal what people actually don’t know about organic wine – and they indulged in a little taster too.

James Dickman 22nd September 2023

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