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After 20 Years Rosanna Amaka releases ‘The Book of Echoes’.

Rosanna Amaka joins Tanya Francis to talk about her new book ‘The book of Echoes’. Rosanna wrote and refined this novel over the course of twenty years, to give voice to her childhood community which she has seen start to disappear to gentrification and the passing away of the older generations. From the Brixton Riots to the present day Rosanna explores the how aesthetically and culturaly the borough has changed and moulded. Rosanna describes the book as “This is the book I wanted to write” and went on to say it was going to be published even if she had to self publish. But after finding a 20 year old letter, she got in touch with the Good Literacy Agency. Which led her to her now publishers Doubleday. ‘The Book of Echoes’ is out now

Ben Ervine 11th May 2020

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