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Renowned Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky on The White Factory & his exile from his home country

The Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky became a giant of literature after penning ‘Metro 2033’ in 2002, a post apocalyptic thriller set in the Moscow underground.

A fierce critic of Vladimir Putin throughout his career – just 3 weeks ago he was sentenced to 8 years in jail in Russia, should he return.

Now in exile, the Russian German has some fear for his life after high profile poisonings of influential Russians in Europe.

Dmitry is now based in London for the foreseeable with a new play arriving at the Marylebone Theatre, ‘The White Factory.’

It’s a powerful and urgent new play about holocaust survivors and their wartime experience.

He spoke with James Dickman about the new play and its parallels with the conflict in Ukraine.

James Dickman 15th September 2023

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