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Is The Crown warping the public’s perception of the Monarchy?

It’s the biggest thing to drop in the world of TV and film in the last few days and The Crown, series 5, has come in for some mixed reviews.

But, given the show is now set in the nineties, a tumultuous era in the not too distant past, with a focus on our now King, and his then wife Diana Princess of Wales, how could it be impacting on the Royal Family and their image?

The historian Tessa Dunlop joined James to discuss whether or not you can wholly separate a fictional dramatisation from reality.

Tessa also has her own royal story to tell with a new book: Elizabeth and Philip: The story of young love, marriage and monarchy – which publishes on November 20 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of their marriage.

James Dickman 15th November 2022

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