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New documentary Catching My Rapist to air on ITV

The timely and sensitive subject of sexual abuse is being explored in an incredibly personal new documentary.

Catching My Rapist on ITV follows a woman named ‘Sam’ documenting her extraordinary struggle over five years to bring the man who raped her to justice.

After running out of money in London Sam decided to become an escort to make ends meet, which led her to the man who turned her life upside down.

Its a story that’s as much about the fight she had to go through with the authorities as well.

Richard Parry is filmmaker and he joined James in the studio.

A warning – this conversation contains subject matter some may find triggering.


Catching my Rapist aired on July 17 at 10.45 on ITV1 and is available on their catch up.


James Dickman 17th July 2023

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